8th FrOSCon

August 22nd, 2013 von buergermeister

This weekend FrOSCon will take place in a small town near Bonn called St. Augustin and will be the 8th time. Of course Fedora will be present. We will have a booth featuring an 3D printer. But there will be more. If you are interested in 3D printing, step by on Sunday in Fedoras Room, Miro will show there how to code your models. So we will have an own DevRoom for Fedora this year again.

Besides the 3D printing workshop there will be other Fedora related talks:

  • The Cat Is Alive And Running Out Of The Box
  • Fedora 19 and 3D printing
  • OpenSCAD: Code you 3D models
  • A Look Into The Glass Ball - Features Of Upcoming Fedora 20
  • Free Your Slides - Use SVG and Inkscape For Presenting

I will have another DevRoom for an Inkscape Workshop on both days. You can find the program schedule here. So interested in Fedora just step by at the booth or/and DevRoom.

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Submit Wallpaper for Fedora 20

August 21st, 2013 von buergermeister

We might have no name for Fedora 20 yet, so the Design Team could not start working on the design for it yet but what you can do contributing to a beautiful look for Fedora 20, is submit to the Supplemental Wallpapers. You might remember the for Fedora 19 choosen ones.

So how to contribute to the Supplemental Wallpapers for Fedora 20?

First there are some rules. Here are the technical specifications:

  • Submitted wallpapers must use a format that can be read by software available in Fedora Package Collection. Preferred image formats include SVG and PNG.
  • Master files, which may be further edited, should be maintained in non-lossy formats. Preserving vector graphics, raster layers, and channels is important for such materials.
  • Originals for landscape formats must be a minimum of 1600 pixels wide and 1200 pixels high. The larger the better. Photographic submissions should be made at the highest resolution the camera is capable of.
  • Submitted wallpapers should be provided in a 16 x 9 aspect ratio when possible.
  • No watermarks, signatures, photographer/creator names, or messages may be included in any part of the work. However if the license allows, and the photo is compelling enough, we could remove watermarks.

Now here are the organizational rules:

  • Submissions must not contain material that violates or infringes another’s rights, including but not limited to privacy, publicity or intellectual property rights, or that constitutes copyright infringement. If your submissions include or derive from artwork created by other people, please make sure the license of the original work you incorporate is compatible with Fedora and that you are not violating any of the provisions of its license. Just because a work is licensed with a Creative Commons license does not mean it is free to use (make sure you provide attribution to artists that license their work with a CC Attribution clause.)
  • Submission should have the consent and approval of the author or creator
  • Submissions re thereby licensed to the public for reuse under CC-BY-SA unless specifically identified as being licensed by another approved liberal open source license. See a list of approved licenses for Fedora. Note that we can not accept NC or ND submissions.

The deadline until you can submit your artwork is the September 30 2013 at 23:59 UTC. You can submit your material directly to the wiki: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F20_Artwork/Submissions/Supplemental_Wallpapers. For further questions, you can send me a mail and don’t hesitate to ask me for assistance just write me a mail gnokii@fedoraproject.org.

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Retrospective Flock

August 19th, 2013 von buergermeister

First Flock is history now and I am back home now. Back on work as next event is end of this week and there are some other important things to do also. But is time to write a little report how Flock was. I am not a big friend of to write down I visited this talk or that one. Personally I submitted only a hackfest for the Supplemental Wallpaper. There wasnt a lot of people but the right one at this hackfest.
The problem we face right now or since the begin is, that the wiki isnt thought for collecting wallpapers and a lot of people have problems with it, as the wiki doesnt create thumbnails anymore when the filesize is to big (thats often the case) and the second problem is that we opened the voting to all Fedora contributors and our voting system isnt thought for such amount of voting possibilities.
So we discussed solutions and it turned out, a application would be the best solution for it and we came further as we have done the mockups for the application. Jennifer Kotler, who worked on Fedora Badges took that task and really finished it on Flock, as we agreed to come together on Monday in a session again, we had the mockups there and had time to discuss it with the Infrastructure Team and got some good points from them.

Now there are only to fix some small things and the application has to be coded and we can continue with the Supplemental Wallpapers in a more open way. I think it will not be ready for Fedora 20 at least not for the whole process, but hopefully for the voting. But with Fedora 21 we will have it. So just with that achievement Flock was an success, but there was more. I met a lot of people, some I did know for years via IRC, a lot of conversations and new ideas. So Flock was really great.

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Inkscape-Workshop c-base v2

August 5th, 2013 von buergermeister

Das letzte Inkscape-Wochenende in Berlin ist noch gar nicht so lange her. Aber es wird bald eine Fortsetzung bzw. Neuauflage geben, da der letzte Termin ja Pfingsten war und nicht alle, die wollten teilnehmen konnten. Aber der Raum war auch so voll. Jedenfalls haben so, die jenigen die auch am FrOSCon Wochenende keine Zeit haben wieder eine Chance
Nun gibt es also eine Fortsetzung und zwar vom 20. – 22. September 2013, wieder in der c-base. Die Teilnehmerzahl ist wieder auf Grund der Raumgröße begrenzt, wer gerne teilnehmen möchte, findet hier ein Formular zur Anmeldung. Das Ganze findet wieder als “Pay what you want“-Aktion statt. Wobei am Ende die Kosten für meine Anreise und Unterkunft zusammenkommen sollten. Wer von mir ein Buch haben möchte, sollte das im Formular auf jeden Fall ankreuzen.
Der Workshop beginnt am Freitag Abend mit einigen Dingen rund um SVG, der Oberfläche von Inkscape, den Verzeichnissen, Zooming und Panning und setzt sich dann am Samstag morgen fort mit den Zeichenwerkzeugen. Nach meinen Erfahrungen schaffen wir in bestimmte Themen, wie Live Pfadeffekte, Gekachelte Klone und vor allem Filter nur Einblicke aber die reichen aus, um im Selbststudium sich damit beschäftigen zu können. Wann immer es geht schieben wir auch praktische Teile ein, bist Sonntag Abend sollten wir auf diese Art und Weise alle Funktionen von Inkscape kennengelernt haben.

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