Juli 7th, 2015 von buergermeister

I will do in November a new event about Free Software graphic tools – FOSSOGRAPHY. This event plans to bring developer and user of this software together. Its thought of a kind of showcase about the newest developments in this areas and what can be done with free software. The projects shall win this way new users as even more contributors.
But it shall be also a place where the various programmers of the different projects can meet and connect to work on stuff where the programs should be working together. But also a place where you can come and tell people about an idea you have that might get software in this area improved.

The Call for Papers as well the registration for the event is open now and closes on 30th September. We search for talks, handout sessions, workshops, hackfest from the following areas:

  • Open Source and photographics
  • Free Software tools for image manipulation and raw development
  • 3D graphics and renderer
  • Free Software for vector graphics
  • Font design with Open Source
  • Free Software tools for 2D & 3D animation
  • Video editing and production with Open Source
  • Game development and asset creation with Open Source
  • UX design in/for and with Open Source
  • Desktop publishing and print design with FreeSoftware
  • Open Source 3D printing soft- and hardware
  • Open Source Color Management
  • Aerial photography and video with Open Source
  • DIY (open source) dolly systems
  • File formats for free graphic software

The idea to this evnet, was born a long time ago as another event who looks wants the same doesnt become what it should be.
After the decision was made to do it was open the place where it should be and there was a lot of thinking if it is a good idea to go first time to Asia. Yeah there are some disadvantages, like working style of Asians or the most Europeans/Americans think flying there would be more expensive as travelling inside Europe or the the amount of FOSS contributors isnt that high on this continent. But at a certain point we as free software movement have to go to Asia to get them involved and not always saying, we dont have contributors there!

But there is something else, we have to carry the costs for the event, where is actually a positive thing doing it in Asia as that gets amazingly cheap as well we want to support speakers and projects with there travel costs. We try to collect most of this money from the community, so if you believe in the goal of the event and/or using this tools, you can help us. We made a pledgie for that purpose and an indiegogo campaign will follow. But watch we want to give you something in return!

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Big Week Cambodia

November 2nd, 2014 von buergermeister

This November will be a busy month for me, I will fly to Cambodia again and bring some Fedora energy there. Its my second visit to this country and I look forward to it. I will have an talk at Royal University of Phnom Penh. RUPP is using Fedora for teaching there students basic skills for Linux. But as always, its teached more about technical stuff as what Linux or Fedora really is, projects driven by volunteers. RUPP gives me the great opportunity to speak to all there IT students about how they can contribute to Fedora and learn even more by doing so. But I will do some other things more.

  • On 14th of November I will join the Fedora Release Party Phnom Penh and help Somvannda Kong and Nisa Ban by giving an talk at this event. Truong Anh Tuan is giving another one. So it looks there will be an interesting program with talks and fun. Yes, Fedora 21 will not be released that day, but Beta will be available at least and we can show the features of the upcoming version.
  • On 15th of November I will help in the morning Somvannda in preparing the packaging workshop, which will be done that day remotely by Robert Scheck. So we will help the attendees to install all the necessary software for the workshop so that Robert can start without being enforced to take care of that.
  • The rest of November 15th and 16th I will join the FAD APAC, where the activities for the next year will be planned.
  • 17th and 18th of November I will deliver a 3 days workshop at Smallworld Cambodia, about doing Graphics with Free Software tools.
  • 20th of November I will be back at Development Innovations for delivering an Inkscape workshop to attendees from several NGO’s
  • 21st of November I doing an Open Movie Night at the same place, talking about free software and free culture and of course showing some examples what can be done with free software.
  • 22nd and 23rd of November I will do another Join Fedora workshop, as I did in February at Open Institute Phnom Penh. I hope that during all my presentations at RUPP, Release Party and so on, get enough people interested to start working for Fedora. In the workshop we will do all the  things together that are necessary to become a Fedora contributor.

Besides that activities I will have some meetings with friends and partners to organize some stuff in the future.

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FrOSCon 2013 is coming

Mai 14th, 2013 von buergermeister

FrOSCon has called for talks and projects a while ago. Fedora has requested a booth already but there is still some time left (9 days) for submit talks and workshops. Last year we had also an DevRoom we shared with Mageia, openSUSE and Centos where we did a schedule with talks about RPM packaging. The question is now, do we want a DevRoom again and what we can do with it. Any suggestions are welcome.

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Fedora will rock Linuxwochen Vienna

April 23rd, 2013 von buergermeister

Next week from 2nd to 4th of May there will be Linuxwochen in Vienna. This event is part of a series kind of road show events in Austria touring through different cities in the country. Linuxwochen will be held in the new building of UAS Technikum Vienna and Fedora will have of course an booth there. But besides that Fedora people will deliver a lot of talks and workshops. Christoph Wickert will doing a talk about Kolab3 and an second one about spam protection with postscreen, Raphael Groner will talk about the VoiceXML framework, Rákosi Gergely will show how gaming with Fedora works, Jaroslav Reznik will talk about Fedora works and talk about the new upcoming Fedora 19, Peter Czanik will show new things in sylog-ng, Miro Hroncok will give an talk about RepRap 3D printers and deliver an workshop how to do 3D models with OpenSCAD and in a second one how to create manpages. I will also have workshops in the program on friday one about Inkscape and on saturday one for using Inkscape again and a second one about using Blender, besides that I have also 3 talks introducing Fedoras Design Suite, how Tupi can be used for animations and the third talk will be about how you can use Inkscape for preparing presentation slides. In case you are interested in the program it can be found here.  I would say that’s a lot of talks and Fedora blue will be very visible….

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Brandenburger Linux-Info-Tag 2012

November 4th, 2012 von buergermeister

Yesterday the Brandenburger Linux-Info-Tag or short BLIT happend. It was the 9th edition of this event and also my ninth one. I always had there talks or mostly workshops about using Inkscape and GIMP, so also in this year. This year was the first year Fedora had also a booth there, Dominic Hopf and Michael Spahn helped me with it. Logistic was really easy, Dominic brought the rollup banner which he took from the FrOSCon and also the rest of the DVD I sent them for the SFD Hamburg and I brought the table cloth and the rest of the DVD I had. Christoph Wickert sent Dominic also a WeeTab and OLPC, because he had a talk about OLPC and Fedora at the event. He also sent some cool Beefy Miracle stickers and pins. So thanks to Christoph we had really enough on the booth as I had also some stickers left. We handed out really lot DVD, my part was after the event gone and Dominic had only a few left, so it was arround 120 DVD, which is a lot for such a “small” event like BLIT. But we had also a lot of conversations on the booth.

After the lunch break I had my 2 Inkscape workshop, which was good filled with arround 15-20 people. Even I had not in booth workshops the same people, so it was a good result. After my workshops was only an hour left of the event and I had to leave as I use always a weekend ticket for travelling to that event, it takes me not longer as travelling with ICE but its cheaper and so we travel as group with the ticket as it allows to take 4 persons with you and I was back home short after half past 11pm. So it was an amazong day trip. I think I will do it next year again.

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travel & speaking plans

Oktober 9th, 2012 von buergermeister

Thats again a part of the year, where I have to do a lot of travel and talks/workshops on FLOSS events. In 10 days I will go to Berlin for the german Ubucon. I will be there again in Fedora blue and give an talk and 2 workshops. On the first weekend in November I will go again back to Berlin or better to Potsdam, which is nearby. This time for BLIT and there Fedora will have a booth, it’s the first time Fedora is present there with an booth. But I also will have speaking engagements on this event. I will give two lectures about Inkscape. But there will be also a Fedora related talk from Dominik Hopf, who will talk about OLPC & Fedora. Just a few days later I will go to the RedHat offices in Brno where the first Linux ColorManagement Hackfest will take place. I am happy that I found someone who is interested to work in the future on my TaxiDB idea. We will work on implementing the features Richard Hughes requested on LibreGraphicsMeeting, that gives the new guy a chance to look in the code and become familiar with it. After that I will have another full weekend workshop inhouse on 23.-25. of November. I already had one on the last weekend, I think all the participants learned a lot about Inkscape, but there are still some out there who had problems with the date, so I offer a second/third workshop. In December I plan to attend the EMEA Ambassador FAD in Rheinfelden, which will begin for me with an horrible train/car or plane ride. That place is really a damn corner of Germany, at least for me. That will be the last event this year for me (hopefully). But the good thing is thanks to many friends, I can spend the travel time now working ;)

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Only 3 weeks until FrOSCon

August 5th, 2012 von buergermeister

There are only a few weeks and then one of the coolest FLOSS events in Germany will happen. Fedora will have an booth and an special track there. I putted the talks for the special track in the FrOSCon system now and the are published in the FrOSCon program now. We will share the room with other distributions and concentrate on the topic packaging.


  • Oliver Burger will give an introduction to RPM and will also show how to package for Mageia
  • Robert Scheck will introduce the Fedora packaging guidelines
  • Michal Hrusecky will show how the openBuildService works and what is new on functions on it
  • Ralph Angenendt will talk about how from the sources CentOS is build
  • Myself will talk about Fedora EPEL and after all talks there will be enough time for learning packaging in a 3 hours workshop.

All talks and lectures will be held in German or English, depending on the audience. Except the one for OBS because Michal dont speaks German. So if you are interested in that topic step by Fedora has room C130, but you are also welcomed on the Fedora booth.



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Blue Frogs calling

Mai 8th, 2012 von buergermeister

2 weeks ago the german event FrOSCon called for talks. FrOSCon is one of the bigger events in Germany, they have a main track with talks, an exhibition with a lot of booths, and track especially for kids called FrogLabs and another part they give away rooms for projects for ther own program also.

Last year Fedora had such an room and we prepared an whole day talk program with topics arround Fedora. Christoph Wickert organized that. As the CfP was opened I had a short conversation with Cristoph if we should do that again and I wrote a mail to the ambassadors list. To have an Fedora related track makes only sense when we have enough interesting talks in it. So we need people who want to participate in this or some clear statements if we should do it again or not. But anyway the CfP ist still open until 23rd of May and you can submit your talks also there. FrOSCon hosts this year also a PHP sub-conference with an extra program, there is also still time left for submissions.

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Just give us a name

April 24th, 2012 von buergermeister

It might be a “waste of time and money” for Richard Hughes but is isnt for others. The argument nobody would run “Fedora Verne” is a really funny one to me. Nobody runs “openSUSE Teal” or “openSUSE Asparagus” in fact not many people inside openSUSE knows the codename for the version. But because 11.4 was named Asparagus its got a design in that color. So as you can see what for others is just a wasting of time ist for other people a help for doing there work. The design and the marketing team can better work with an name as with a simple number.

So if you go to the poll and vote, please do it not with the actual situation with that ugly submissions for the name in mind, please consider more what does it mean for the work of others to have release names. Its just a wasting of time to write such nonsense blogposts and when release names are wasting of time for Richard, so consider not to vote. For others its that participation in an open process, or can I choose the name in openSUSE or ubuntu?

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The crowd funds it, the crowd owns it.

April 17th, 2012 von buergermeister

Mit “Tube” wird es einen neuen Open Movie geben allerdings nur, wenn die entsprechend benötigte Summe zusammen kommt. Das sind alles in allem  22.000US$.  Um das benötigte Geld zusammen zu bekommen, gibt es eine Spendenkampagne. Natürlich wie auch bei ähnlichen Projekten, erhält man im Gegenzug etwas zurück, wie den Namen im Abspann und auch hier gehören die Sourcen für den Film als auch dabei entwickelte Skripte später der Allgemeinheit. Der Film wird unter CC BY-SA 3.0 und die Skripte unter GPL. Das bei der Erstellung des Films natürlich freie Software zum Einsatz kommt steht wohl ausserhalb jeder Frage.

Hinter dem Projekt steckt Bassam Kurdali, der entscheidend am ersten Film der Blender Foundation “Elephants Dream” mitgewirkt hat. Das Projekt trägt den Namen “Tube” und die Geschichte des Films basiert auf den Gilgamesh Epos, welches in die Zukunft versetzt wurde.

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  • status update on Tatica travels to LGM

    Februar 27th, 2012 von buergermeister

    A month ago I asked for help with collecting some money for support Tatica that she can go to LibreGraphicsMeeting in Vienna. Time for make an little status report. We have 38 donations until yet and raised 1,257.00$. Also time to say thx to many people like Bert Desmet, Christoph Wickert, Ankur Sinha, Jaroslav Reznik, Emily Dirsh and many many more. Even from the openSUSEcommunity and Libre Graphics Meeting folks came some money.

    So whats the status now? As I said we raised 1257$ on Pledgie, but that means not we have so much, because Pledgie gets 3% and Paypal gets also 2,9% and 0.30$ for each donation. That means we raised 1171,44$ right now. Thats not enough for the flight tickets, I searched with Tatica for tickets and the cheapest we found was a flight from Iberia for 1072€ what means 1436,48 US$. But we already missed the point for booking this flight, now tickets are arround 1120€ what means arround 1500US$. At least we have to pay maybe some money to Paypal for exchange from $ to €. So we still need some money only for booking the flights. So plz help us to raise this money. The Pledgie campaign can be found here.

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    Movies I showed on DevConf.cz

    Februar 22nd, 2012 von buergermeister

    It’s nearly a week after the Movie Night @ Developer Conference, so its time for publishing the list with the movies I played there. The slides from the begin of the session, you can find here. In this part of the session I played a cutout from Star Wars Revelations, which is not a open or free movie. I also played some examples for some points like Weltraffer, Connected, OpenMuffin and from the Morevna Projekt. So when you was not at the Developer Conference in BRNO or missed the session, you can download the following movies also and watch them and of course have fun.

    Catch Up – Mi Li – Creative Commons – BY-NC-SA 3.0
    Fat-tastico – Erik Lee – Creative Commons – BY-NC-ND 3.0
    Galileo – Avrillon Ghislain – Creative Commons – BY 3.0
    Happy Hour РSakari Niittymaa, Miika Puustinen, Shareef Askar, Jyri Jernstr̦m,Mikko Aaltonen РCreative Commons РBY-NC 3.0
    How (Not) To Make A Campfire – Simeon Rowsell – Creative Commons – BY-ND 3.0
    Imagine That! -Tashina van Zwam – Creative Commons BY-NC
    Le Fokker – Anthony Boulay – Creative Commons – BY-NC-ND 3.0
    Mac N Cheese – ColorBleed – Creative Commons – BY-NC-ND 3.0
    Mortys – Bad Kidow Company – Creative Commons – BY-NC-ND 3.0
    Parigot – Axel Digoix, Geoffrey Lerus, Mehdi Alavi, Alexandre Wolfromm, Loïc Bramoullé. – Creative Commons – BY-NC-ND 3.0
    How To Get A Job / How To Keep A Job – Martin Coven – Creative Commons – BY-NC-ND 3.0
    Pfffirate – Guillaume Herent – Creative Commons – BY-NC-ND 3.0
    Shadow Of A Doubt – Eric Chou & Russell Miller – Creative Commons – BY-ND 3.0
    Si Nini – Johan Tri Handoyo
    Sintel – Blender Foundation – Creative Commons – BY 3.0
    Slim Pickings Fat Chances – David de Rooij – Creative Commons – BY-NC-ND 3.0
    Store Wars – FreeRangeStudios – Creative Commons – BY-NC-SA 2.0
    Tachaaan! – Rafael Cano “Rafiki”, Carlos del Olmo, Miguel A. Bello – Creative Commons – BY-NC-SA 3.0
    The Best Audience – Gianluca Maruotti, Alessio Morglia, Alberto Nucci Angeli – Creative Commons – BY-NC-ND 3.0
    Thelonius- zensato – Creative Commons – BY 3.0
    The Pig Farmer – Nick Cross – Creative Commons - BY-NC-SA 3.0
    The Wanna Be A Oddie – Ben Lam – Creative Commons – BY 3.0
    Way Of The Mantis – Joseph Daniels and Jedidiah Mitchell – Creative Commons – BY-NC-ND 2.5

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    submit your talks….

    Dezember 29th, 2011 von buergermeister

    I just sent a mail to the ambassadors mailing list, as I was told to do in the meeting yesterday. So maybe you have an idea for an talk at Chemnitzer Linux-Tage. CLT have not only talks in her program, there are also workshops for arround 30 people and the length is between 2 and 4 hours. But there are only a few days left for submitting talks or workshops. The deadline for the CfP is January the 6th. The plan is to get an track with Fedora related talks. So on the end we need talks for it ;)

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    Lecker Früchtchen

    November 2nd, 2011 von buergermeister

    Nach einer saftigen Orange, einem leckerem Pfirsich und der stinkenden Eierfrucht namens Durian, gibt es eine neue Frucht unter dem Dach der Blender Foundation – die Mango. Der Codename Mango, dient für das nächste Filmprojekt von Blender, welches vor einem Monat seinen offiziellen Start hatte. Klar ist bisher nur grob welchen Inhalt der kommende Film haben soll – Amsterdam in der Zukunft. Sicher ist auch wer das Drehbuch schreiben wird und wer als Director für diesen Film dienen wird, Ian Hubert vom “Project London”. Wie bei den vergangenen Projekten auch, kann man sich wieder bewerben und an diesem Film arbeiten gegen ein kleines Taschengeld und freie Unterkunft. Mehr dazu auf der Call for Partizipation-Seite. Mittlerweile sind allerdings einige Beitragende bereits bekannt. So wird sich Michael Williamson um das Stroy Board und die Art Konzepte kümmern, Jori Kerbosch besetzt den Posten des Director of Photography, Rob Tuytel dient als Produktionsassistent. Das Blog hat bereits ein Re-Design von Fabian Reus erfahren, der bereits für das Logo der Blender Conference 2011 verantwortlich war und ein gewisser Andy Goralczyk plant ebenfalls seinen Sommer mit der Arbeit an dieser Frucht zu verbringen. Wer noch alles an diesem Projekt arbeiten wird, zumindest die Namen der 4-7 Designer, die Vollzeit daran arbeiten werden, wird im Dezember bekannt gegeben. Dann startet auch wieder die Möglichkeit eine DVD mit dem Film im voraus zu ordern und so zur Finanzierung beizutragen. Erscheinen soll der Film dann im August/September nächsten Jahres. Dann freuen wir uns schon einmal auf einen weiteren tollen freien Film.

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  • Oyranos CMS – Farben über Farben

    September 26th, 2011 von buergermeister

    Colormanagement war lange Zeit das Stiefkind der Linux-Desktops, mittlerweile gibt es allerdings Entwicklungen in Zukunft die Farben eines solchen zu verwalten. Mit colord gibt es ein Projekt auf der Seite des GNOME-Desktop. Aber es gibt auch Alternativen zu diesem System.

    Mit Farbmanagement (color management) soll erreicht werden, dass eine Vorlage, die mit einem beliebigen Eingabegerät erfasst wurde, an einem beliebigen Ausgabegerät möglichst ähnlich wiedergegeben wird. Viele Anwender sind der Meinung, dass ein Farbmanagment nur von Designern benötigt wird. Das stimmt insofern, dass man derartige Systeme zu schätzen weiß, wenn man mit Druckereien zusammen gearbeitet hat. Aber farbverwaltete Systeme sind nicht nur für diese Gruppe interessant.  Nutzen daraus ziehen können auch andere, stellt euch vor, eure Frau ordert via Internet ein paar pinkfarbene Heels und als die ankommen sind die eher lila, auch Ärzte nutzen für Diagnosen teilweise Farbbilder auch die haben einen Nutzen von solchen Systemen.
    Eine Alternative zum Farbmanagement mit colord ist das Oyranos-Projekt. Oyranos arbeitet nicht als Deamon im Hintergrund, wie colord sondern Oyranos arbeitet mit den Rechten des Nutzers. Für Farbverwaltungseinstellungen, Profilsuche und Profilinstallation benötigt Oyranos kein Compiz. Will man allerdings mit einem komplett farbkorigiertem Desktop arbeiten so benötigt man dazu Compiz und das Plugin CompICC. Dabei ist Oyranos unabhängig davon ob man GTK oder QT als Toolkit benutzt.

    Wer das Ganze ausprobieren möchte, findet auf den Seiten des Projektes eine auf  openSUSE basierende Live-CD. Das Projekt stellt natürlich auch Binärpakete für verschiedene Distributionen bereit. Dabei ist Oyranos abhängig von den Paketen libxml2, libXcm, libXinerama, libXrandr, libXfixes, libXxf86vm und lcms2.

    Das Oyranos-Projekt entwickelt nicht nur ein Color Managment System (CMS) sondern auch verschiedene Werkzeuge zur Verwaltung und Korrektur entsprechender Farbprofile. Das sind im Einzelnen KolorManager ein Verwaltungswerkzeug für Farbprofile für den KDE-Desktop. ICCExamin ein Werkzeug zum Betrachten von Farben und Farbprofilen. Die neueste Entwicklung des Projektes ist eine Datenbank zum Austausch von Farbprofilen, welche im vergangenen Google Summer of Code entstanden ist. Mit Hilfe dieser soll es in Zukunft möglich sein egal ob man colord oder Oyranos benutzt die entsprechenden ICC Farbprofile für die eigene Hardware einfacher zu finden und zu installieren. Dieses Projekt wurde Taxi getauft, da es die Farbprofile an den gewünschten Ort bringt. Allerdings bis dieses System wirklich einsatzfähig ist, muss noch einiges an Arbeit investiert werden. Die derzeitige Oberfläche der Datenbank macht optisch noch nicht viel her und eine Menge an Information fehlt und es fehlt auch ein Client zur Abfrage dieser Datenbank. Diese Entwicklungen werden aber in Zukunft verfügbar sein. Mitstreiter, die gern an dem Projekt mitarbeiten möchten und die nächsten Hürden meistern wollen, sind dem Projekt natürlich willkommen.

    Es scheint das Nutzer die farbverwaltete Systemen benötigen in Zukunft nicht mehr auf Mac OS X und ähnliches angewiesen sind, sondern auch hier mit Linux arbeiten können.

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  • FrOSCon 2011 – how it was

    August 23rd, 2011 von buergermeister

    I am back from FrOSCon now, so time to blog about. This year, it was my sixt visit to the event I didnt arrive on friday. I got the car (still broken) back from the garage on friday evening so it was better to drive over night and arrive on saturday morning. Actually that was a good choice, I needed only 6hrs to drive the distance.
    The saturday was like all the other years for me, meeting old friends and a lot of conversation, not only on the day also in the evening. The social event on FrOSCon is always a barbecue and so far I can remember the organizers had only one time bad luck with the weather, the weather was also good this year to enjoy it.

    But hot weather means also for the projects, that they have to sweat in the building. And this year the organizers had a great idea, they hired an caterer who managed it to prepare the sausages in the room. That was great more heath and “delicious odor”. This year Fedora got a place for the booth who was not so nice. Only one table and a bar table and not so lot of space. But we managed it. I also managed to give Hendi the GNOME banner I prepared for FrOSCamp last year, I dont need really a GNOME banner but he can use it very well.
    On sunday was also prepared a Fedora event in one of the rooms, the FrOSCon give to the propjects they ask for it. I dont know if it was good visited or not, because I had the whole day some workshops to give. I think the workshops was good. First the organizers had in advance some problems to get participants. There are holidays now and most of the kids are on vacation with there parents, but on the end I had 10 participants each workshops. What I have to say is enough when the workshop is for kids. So I think they had a lot of fun and of course all manged to draw what we liked to draw. I think I should propose next year at the FrogLabs workshops again.

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    are they to cute ???

    Juli 15th, 2011 von buergermeister

    There goes something on, there are wishes to illustrate the processes for the different ways to contribute to Fedora better or should I say how to join the teams. There was some discussions about it on FUDCon in Panama. After that Tatica came to me and asked if I can draw some cute characters for that. So I begun to work and now the most of the work is done. Now the EMEA ambassadors asked in their last meeting, to bringing that forward. Now after some recognized my characters, there came up some voices if I would be the right thing to use such “kids” for doing that.

    So I may introduce some (not all are done yet) of the characters and asking you for your opinion on that topic. So is that ok, with you or should we go more for “adult” characters? So tell us your opinion!

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    FrOSCon 2011

    Juli 5th, 2011 von buergermeister

    In knapp 6 Wochen ist es wieder soweit, die FrOSCon in Sankt Augustin öffnet ihre Pforten. Auch ich bin wie in den letzten Jahren auch wieder vor Ort. Am Sonntag gebe ich zwei Workshops in den Frog Labs, dem Kindertrack. Wobei hier Kinder auch Jugendliche umfaßt, ich persönlich habe nichts dagegen, wenn der ein oder andere interessierte Erwachsene sich einfindet, wenn er denn auf die Rücksicht nimmt für die der Workshop gedacht ist. Im ersten Workshop geht es darum einen eigenen “Tux” mit Inkscape zu zeichnen und im zweiten “zaubern” wir ein wenig mit Farben.

    Den Rest der Zeit wird man mich wohl überwiegend am Stand von Fedora antreffen. Ausserdem wird man mir wohl Abends noch ein Kölsch ausgeben können ;)

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    openSUSE der Schein eines Projektes

    April 6th, 2011 von buergermeister

    Die neuerliche Entscheidung über die Nummerierung der Release von openSUSE zeigt es wieder sehr deutlich, openSUSE ist kein wirklich offenes Projekt. Entscheidungen, werden all zu oft in diktatorischer Weise getroffen. Wenn man sich den entsprechenden Thread auf der Project Mailingliste zu diesem Thema anschaut, waren nicht wenige erstaunt das man das jetzt ändern müsse. Genauso sieht jetzt am Ende auch, das Ergebnis des durchgeführten Poll aus, nicht wenige sind der Meinung man müsse hier nicht unbedingt Fedora mit nur vollen Werten oder Ubuntu mit Jahreszahlen nachäffen.
    Wenn man sich den entsprechenden Thread (oder die) auf der Mailingliste anschaut, so war das Poll voreilig veröffentlicht worden ohne wirklich alle geäußerten Möglichkeiten zu bedenken und so darf es auch nicht verwundern, dass im Anschluss dann noch eine Änderung durchgeführt wurde, die Releasenummer Null wird es in Zukunft nicht mehr geben. Ein Vorschlag eines einzelnen, über den dann auch nicht mehr abgestimmt wurde. Naja, wir streichen openSUSE scheindemokratisch an! Und die Community wartet auf die Diskussion um die Codenamen (warum will man auch funktionierendes ändern, anstatt unfunktionelles?), naja wahrscheinlich vergeblich, wie auf die “Strategie”.

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    Ayatana in openSUSE

    Januar 2nd, 2011 von buergermeister

    Schon vor einigen Tagen hat Nelson Marques bekannt gegeben, das das von Chanonical für Ubuntu entwickelte Ayatana System auch für openSUSE verfügbar sein wird. Marques hat bereits vorher OSD-Notify auf openSUSE portiert. Die openSUSE Version von Ayatana is im Gegensatz zu der von Ubuntu voll zu Gnome kompatibel, man hofft auch darauf das einige der Entwicklungen zurückfliessen werden in das Projekt von Ubuntu und somit die Kompatibilität aufrecht erhalten wird. Ayatana in openSUSE wird es zunächst für die Gnome Version 2.32 geben, Teile sind aber schon mit GTK3 geschrieben und laufen deshalb unter GNOME 3.

    Nachdem bereits einige Wünsche in openFATE aufgetaucht sind, Ubunutus Unity auch für openSUSE verfügbar zu haben arbeit man nun auch daran.

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