Juli 7th, 2015 von buergermeister

I will do in November a new event about Free Software graphic tools – FOSSOGRAPHY. This event plans to bring developer and user of this software together. Its thought of a kind of showcase about the newest developments in this areas and what can be done with free software. The projects shall win this way new users as even more contributors.
But it shall be also a place where the various programmers of the different projects can meet and connect to work on stuff where the programs should be working together. But also a place where you can come and tell people about an idea you have that might get software in this area improved.

The Call for Papers as well the registration for the event is open now and closes on 30th September. We search for talks, handout sessions, workshops, hackfest from the following areas:

  • Open Source and photographics
  • Free Software tools for image manipulation and raw development
  • 3D graphics and renderer
  • Free Software for vector graphics
  • Font design with Open Source
  • Free Software tools for 2D & 3D animation
  • Video editing and production with Open Source
  • Game development and asset creation with Open Source
  • UX design in/for and with Open Source
  • Desktop publishing and print design with FreeSoftware
  • Open Source 3D printing soft- and hardware
  • Open Source Color Management
  • Aerial photography and video with Open Source
  • DIY (open source) dolly systems
  • File formats for free graphic software

The idea to this evnet, was born a long time ago as another event who looks wants the same doesnt become what it should be.
After the decision was made to do it was open the place where it should be and there was a lot of thinking if it is a good idea to go first time to Asia. Yeah there are some disadvantages, like working style of Asians or the most Europeans/Americans think flying there would be more expensive as travelling inside Europe or the the amount of FOSS contributors isnt that high on this continent. But at a certain point we as free software movement have to go to Asia to get them involved and not always saying, we dont have contributors there!

But there is something else, we have to carry the costs for the event, where is actually a positive thing doing it in Asia as that gets amazingly cheap as well we want to support speakers and projects with there travel costs. We try to collect most of this money from the community, so if you believe in the goal of the event and/or using this tools, you can help us. We made a pledgie for that purpose and an indiegogo campaign will follow. But watch we want to give you something in return!

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LibreGraphicsMeeting 2014

Februar 20th, 2014 von buergermeister

In April there will be the 9th edition of LibreGraphicsMeeting, this year in Leipzig/Germany. LibreGraphicsMeeting is the anual gathering of most free software applications for doing graphics. Applications like GIMP, Scribus, Inkscape and daktable meet there for sharing there ideas and work together to improve there software. Of course some people from Fedora and RedHat are amongst them, to present there things:

  • David Tardon will present together with Fridrich Strba and Valek Filippov – Digital legacy preservation project — news from the reverse and straight engineering world. The effords LibreOffice made during the last years in re-engineering graphical file formats.
  • Richard Hughes will of course introdce his newest toy the open source spectrometer – Building an OpenHardware Spectrograph for Color Profiling in Linux
  • Daniel Berrange will show his developments of Entangle – Tethered camera control and capture with Entangle
  • Pierre-Yves Chibon and myself, will show the development of Nuancier, Fedoras application for collecting and vote for the supplemental wallpapers – Nuancier- Community generated and selected artwork
  • Allan Day and Jakub Steiner will talk about what GNOME does to make there design process open – GNOME Design: Open to all
  • Sarup Banskota and Emily Dirsh will show the achievements Sarup made during last GSoC on GlitterGallery- GlitterGallery: Taking the designer’s office online
  • and last Onyeibo Oku will speak about free software for architects – FreeCAD’s “Arch” Workbench: Bridging the Gap in the Linux (AEC) Design Tool-set

Besides that a lot of other cool things will be presented what you can find out in the schedule. There is only one problem. LibreGraphicsMeeting needs some support from the community to make this event happen.

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LibreGraphicsMeeting 2014 Leipzig

Januar 5th, 2014 von buergermeister

In April from 2nd to 5th, there will be the 9th edtion of the LibreGraphicsMeeting, this time in Leipzig/Germany. LibreGraphicsMeeting is the annual meeting of developers and users of free software programs from the graphic world like GIMP, Krita, MyPaint, darktable and others. The LGM is the place where the come together for sharing  new developments and ideas what can be done to make the software better. LGM consists of only one track with short talks and a lot of team meetings, workshops and demos.

There is still time left until 15th of January for an submission. But you can help the LGM also in another way, the event collects usally the money for participants who cant afford there travel through an crowd founding campaign. So if you are an user of one of the programs, thats a chance to help them.

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  • LibreGraphicsMeeting 2014

    November 26th, 2013 von buergermeister

    Das LibreGraphicsMeeting 2014, die dann 9te Ausgabe wird vom 2. – 5. April 2014 in Leipzig an der dortigen Universität statt finden. Das LibreGraphicsMeeting versteht sich als Arbeitstreffen nahezu aller offenen Grafikprojekte, also alles was mit Typographie, Vektorgrafik, Animation, Bildbearbeitung und Fotografie zu tun hat. Auch Nutzer  dieser Programme wie GIMP, Inkscape, Scribus, Krita, Mypaint sind aufgerufen zu partizipieren, denn nur durch den Austausch mit den Nutzern kann eine Weiterentwicklung der Programme erfolgen. Die Teilnahme am LGM ist wie immer frei, um die anreisenden Entwickler und Enthusiasten zu unterstützen gibt es auch in diesem Jahr eine Pledgie-Kampagne. Wer sich für den Call for Participation interessiert findet diesen hier, bis zum 15. Januar können noch Beiträge eingereicht werden.

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    LibreGraphicsMeeting Madrid

    März 14th, 2013 von buergermeister

    As the schedule for talks and workshops of this years edition of LibreGraphicsMeeting is now published, its time to talk about. For those who dont know LibreGraphicsMeeting is the annual meeting of most of the graphic tools of the free software world. This year LGM will take place in Madrid from 10th to 13th of April and is combined with Interactivos?’13 of LibreGraphicsResearchUnit which will start on 13th and end on 27th of April.

    Personally I will give a talk about Fedora Design Suite and a second one about Open Source Movies. In general there is a lot this year about animation software Synfig Studio workshop and also Tupi is there, interesting is also the talk of Nina Paley, because she is a well known animator. But I am not the only Fedorian who has a talk there, Maria “Tatica” Leandro has an Localization workshop as she works on the translation of Darktables User Manual since a few weeks. Only sad thing here is she had to borrow money to buy the flight ticket, as we had not enough on the pledgie, so we still need some support. Richard Hughes will tell the truth about display color calibration. Jakub Steiner will talk about localized animations with blender,python and mallard. So it will be definitly an interesting conference. Btw. the LibreGraphicsMeeting has also a pledgie collecting money for the conference.

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    LGM travel campaign update

    Februar 21st, 2013 von buergermeister

    It’s time to report about the LibreGraphicsMeeting travel campaign for Gustav, Onyeibo and Tatica. Thanks to some big donations we have 50% of the sum now. We bought the tickets for Gustav a few days ago (thanks to Jared Smith who helped us booking) and thanks to that his visa request is now processed. Hopefully he gets it in a few days. Ungrateful to get one is not cheap 46€/60$, you have also to pay a fee on the airport for leaving the country. He borrowed the money so that he can pay that yet. We collected enough to give him that back and pay also his accommodation.

    We booked also the apartment a few days ago, unfortunately we had not enough money on the pledgie for paying the deposit, so I prepaid it as we needed an proof of an accommodation also for the visa request. So now if Gustav gets a visa he will be definitive at LibreGraphicsMeeting this year.

    But there are also sad news, as we did not collect enough for sending Onyeibo Oku also to Madrid, he needed also a visa what meant a flight ticket and booked accommodation for getting it.

    So now the pledgie isn’t finished yet as there is still some money to collect for Tatica hopefully some more Fedora friends will help her, I am sure they will get something in return if they wish.

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    LibreGraphicsMeeting Campaign

    Februar 5th, 2013 von buergermeister

    In october I started a campaign, collecting some money for some people so that they can go to the next LibreGraphicsMeeting in Madrid. So the deadline for two of the persons is very near, only 10 days. At 15th the have to apply for an visa and for that they need the flight tickets and an accomodation. So far we collected 721 US$ on pledgie, that are 660 US$ after the fees. It’s not enough to send one of the 3 persons. As I stated before Gustav Gonzalez goes first but for him we need arround 100 US$ so that we can book the flights. For him the LibreGraphicsMeeting becomes more important as before. Some might know Nina Paley and/or her famous “Sita Sings The Blues“, four days ago she wrote a blogpost willing to migrate to an open source tool in the future, if there would be one. As you can see in the comments, nobody considers Tupi as tool. A lot of the mentioned tools arrent open source, wtf. Nina himself will go to the next LibreGraphicsMeeting and submited a talk there as an plea for an easy to use open source 2D animation tool, what of an coincidence. The only thing what is between a meeting of award-winning animator Nina Paley and Gustav as the author of an easy to use 2D animation tool are 100 US$.

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  • LibreGraphicsMeeting 2013

    Januar 22nd, 2013 von buergermeister

    Es ist ja noch etwas Zeit bis zum nächsten LibreGraphicsMeeting in Madrid, dem Treffen nahezu aller freien Grafikprojekte. Noch bis zum 15. Februar kann man Vorträge und Präsentationen einreichen. Da nicht alle Applikationen wie zum Beispiel GIMP oder Scribus über eigene Organisationen verfügen oder wie bei Krita KDE die Entwickler unterstützen kann, sind viele der Entwickler auf eine Reiseunterstützung vom LibreGraphicsMeeting angewiesen. Aus diesem Grunde sammelt das LGM wieder per pledgie um für diese Kosten aufkommen zu können.

    Daneben sammele ich persönlich auch dieses Jahr wieder für jemanden persönlich, der sich auch nicht leisten kann die Reisekosten vorstrecken zu können und dann 12-18 Monate auf die Rückvergütung vom LGM zu warten. Dieses Mal gibt es sogar 3 Begünstigte obwohl ich zweifel habe, dass alle 3 noch zum LGM reisen können. Denn 2 brauchen für die Einreise Visa und die sind von Flugtickets und dem Nachweis einer Unterkunft abhängig. Mir persönlich ist Gustav Gonzalez als Entwickler von Tupi am wichtigsten, dass er die Möglichkeit erhält am LGM teilzunehmen. Für diesen fehlen auch nur noch rund 200$ für den Flug und etwa 150$ für Unterkunft.

    Fall also der ein oder andere auf einige Euro verzichten kann, hier hat er eine einfache Möglichkeit zu freier Software beizutragen.


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  • Reminder

    Dezember 13th, 2012 von buergermeister

    It’s time to remind you on that little campaign, that going on. It started nearly 2 months ago, but it looking not so good. There are 2 months more and the money for the flights should be there otherwise Gustav and Onyeibo dont get a visa.

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  • Indios erobern die Distributionen

    Oktober 27th, 2012 von buergermeister

    Der ein oder andere erinnert sich vielleicht an das Programm zum Erstellen von Animationen, welches ich vor einer Weile vorgestellt habe oder auch den Screencast dazu. Bisher war das Problem, das man zum ausprobieren Tupi selbst kompilieren musste, was selbst erfahrenen Leuten einiges an Kopfzerbrechen bereitet hat. Schon vor einer Weile hat Gustav begonnen Tupi umzuschreiben um den Distributionen das packen zu ermöglichen. Das war aus rechtlichen Gründen nicht so einfach bis dahin, da Tupi ffmpeg enthielt. Aber darüber hatte ich ja auch bereits geschrieben.
    Die Mühen beginnen sich jetzt auszuzahlen, so ist Tupi jetzt für Ubuntu erhältlich. Allerdings in einer veralteten Version, 0.1r12 um genau zu sein.

    Gustav arbeitet auch an einem Paket für Fedora, welches ich bereits installiert habe und welches in wenigen Tagen auch verfügbar sein wird. Damit steht einer einfachen Installation von Tupi nichts mehr im Wege.

    Falls es da draussen Leute gibt, die Tupi gern für eine andere Distribution packen würden nur zu, darüber würde sich Gustav auf jeden Fall freuen.
    Aber das ist nicht die einzige Hilfe über die sich Gustav freuen würde, der Autor von Tupi plant am nächsten LibreGraphicsMeeting in Madrid teilzunehmen. Er benötigt dazu allerdings Unterstützung, da er die Reisekosten nicht allein tragen kann. Aus diesem Grund gibt es für ihn und zwei andere ein Pledgie. Aber lassen wir da mal Gustav selbst ein paar Dinge dazu sagen.

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    LGM 2013 – Travel founding for Gustavo, Onyeibo and Tatica

    Oktober 15th, 2012 von buergermeister

    Some might remember a little campaign I started in February. Its time to do it again, bit why now? The answer is very simple LibreGraphicsMeeting will be next year a little bit nearly a month earlier. Additional to that some of the receiver of the campaign need a visa for going to Spain, where the next LibrGraphicsMeeting will be. They have to get the visa 6weeks before they enter the country so that would be end of February. And additional to that the have to show the tickets for the flights especially the back flight and the reservation of a hotel, pension or something similar. So we need the most of the money until that date or they can not go to the event.

    This time there are three persons, I like to collecting for:

    Gustavo Gonzalez, who is the author of Tupi – Open 2D Magic, a program for doing traditional 2D animations. If you take a look there are really not a lot of alternatives in this area in the FLOSS world, the only one would be SynfigStudio but that is to complicated. Tupi is easier to handle and to learn. In the last months Tupi made also a lot of progress, we tried to package it but it was totally wrong build dependencies like ffmpeg made it not possible to include it into Fedora. So Gustavo removed all that dependencies and structured it new, so that you can use it without ffmpeg and export the animations as ogv. But ffmpeg support is still available as plugin. There was also some other major improvements like a storyboard. I am sure when it is packaged (it’s really near I have a packaged version running) a lot of people will like Tupi, the Design Team cant wait for it.
    Gustavo tried already this year to go to the LibreGraphicsMeeting in Vienna but it did not happen because he had no money for doing it. He like to present Tupi at that event and I am very sure that is useful for him and the development of Tupi. Gustav made a little video trying to explain, why he wants to go to the next LibreGraphicsMeeting. So lets help him.

    Second person is Onyeibo Oku from Nigeria. Onyeibo is since a long time member of the Fedora Design team, but he is also active as Ambassador in Africa. Onyeibo sketches really good and he is good with Blender. For him is important to meet some other people from the design team and he wishes also to give a talk at LibreGraphicsMeeting.

    Last candidate I might know, its Tatica again. She was, thanks to a lot of donations, at the last LibreGraphicsMeeting and learned a lot there and like to go again.

    So what will it cost? There are the flights for Tatica around 1200€/1550 US$, for Gustav around 1000€/1290US$ and for Onyeibo around 800€/1030US$. For Tatica last time we calculated 70€/90US$ for hotel. But we didn’t need so much because Tatica slept in an apartment which became much cheaper. I did some research and want to rent an apartment for them again, that will cost another 900€/1160US$. So the whole makes 3870€/5030US$

    Because Pledgie and Paypal get each 3% of the sum, the sum would be 4080€/5300US$. Additional to that Paypal gets a small sum for each transfer, but that is hard to calculate. I calculated 80€/100US$ for that.

    So what will happen if we get not the whole sum? When we reach the sum for the flight for Gustav, he will get it first, after that Onyeibo and last Tatica as she was already at LibreGraphicsMeeting. But we need the sum for the flights in February otherwise we get no visa for Gustav and Onyeibo. But hopefully we get the sum but that’s up on you. The Pledgie campaign can be found here.

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    backlog clipart campaign

    August 2nd, 2012 von buergermeister

    As I am running since a month a little campaign, its time to look for the results. Friends of mine started a campaign to collect money for new hardware for me and as I am feeling not so well accepting such gifts, I decided to draw for each 10€ a clipart and upload it to the OpenClipartLibrary. That means they are public domain then and useable for any purpose.

    So thats what I am published last month. So that are 30 cliparts, so enjoy them. Right now I think it was a little bit stupid idea as I need for each between app. 3-4 hours to draw it. I didnt think that the sum on the pledgie will so fast growing and I have to draw so fast. So it will take me a while to draw the cliparts for the sum which is donated right now. Especcially I want not upload cliparts with low quality. But many thx to all donators (known and unknown) I am sure, I will catch up with drawing soon.

    P.S. if someone is out there interested helping to make the service OCAL provides better, there is a Hackfest planned for September because right now, the loading times of OCAL are horrible.

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  • OpenClipart integriert Flattr

    Juli 12th, 2012 von buergermeister

    Wie sicher alle wissen, mag ich die OpenClipartLibrary und andere eigentlich auch, schliesslich benutzen Sie eine gepackte Version dieser. Die gepackte Version ist allerdings nur ein sehr kleiner Bruchteil dessen, was an Clipart eigentlich vorhanden ist. Es hat schon seit langer Zeit keine gepackte Version mehr gegeben. Dafür gibt es einen ganz simplen Grund, die Datenmenge, die eine solche gepackte Version umfasst.

    Für alle Inkscape-Anwender tut das an der Stelle nichts zur Sache, schliesslich verfügt Inkscape über eine Importfunktion direkt aus der OpenClipartLibrary. Für die Exportfunktion, findet man zwar noch die Einstellungen in den Einstellungen von Inkscape, allerdings ist die Funktion selbst nicht vorhanden, sie wurde aus Stabilitätsgründen eingestellt. Und hier ist der Hund begraben, eigentlich bedürfte die Importfunktion der Verbesserung, OCAL selbst würde gern das packen der selbst erstellten Collections erlauben, all das würde allerdings weiteren Traffic und Last auf den Servern verursachen. Ich selbst würde mir viel mehr Stabilität des Services wünschen. Allerdings muss der Zauber irgendwann von jemand finanziert werden.

    Vor wenigen Tagen gab es deshalb eine kurze Auseinandersetzung über die Einbindung weiterer Werbung in OCAL. Seit geraumer Zeit wird schon auf den einzelnen Seiten der Clipart und auf bestimmten Sucheseiten, Werbung eines kommerziellen Bilderdienstes angezeigt. Den Button für Spenden, den man direkt auf der Frontseite findet, den benutzt so gut wie niemand, eigentlich schade. Weitere Werbung sollte meines Erachten nicht wirklich sein, außerdem würde die Einbindung externer Services den Service den OCAL bieten kann nur weiter verschlechtern, die Ladezeiten sind jetzt schon teilweise jenseits von gut und böse.

    Nicht das sich alles nur verschlechtert hat, es gibt auch gutes. Zum Beispiel kann man, falls man Rastergrafiken wünscht zum Download, deren Größe bestimmen. Auch ist die Qualität der Clipart in letzter Zeit gestiegen, Beitragende wie Visious-Speed, tzunghaor und hatalar205 allein haben schon sehr tolle Clipart veröffentlicht. Auch hier ist eine neue Funktion hinzugekommen, die die Spreu vom Weizen trennen soll, die Likes (auch wenn sie derzeit nur eingeschränkt benutzbar ist)

    Damit die Entwicklung weiter gehen kann, ist aber eines von Nöten Geld und aus diesem Grund findet man auf den einzelnen Clipart-Seiten jetzt einen Flattr-Button. Btw. ich habe da auch gerade eine eigene kleine Aktion am laufen, weil ich ja nun mal ein neues Arbeitswerkzeug brauche. Also Leute, falls ihr Cliparts aus der Library verwendet, seit so nett und Hit The Button!

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    Drawing for a new laptop

    Juli 2nd, 2012 von buergermeister

    Some of my friends decided that I would need a new laptop. So they started a campaign to collect the money for a new one. That is indeed true I would need a new one, since my sheeba broke I take one of the company, but thats not always possible and then I use my old one but old means old.
    But people who know me, know I feeling not very well accepting gifts. So I decided to do something for it. I will for each 10€ that will be collected make a clipart and put it to the OpenClipartLibrary what means it will be public domain. Means on the end 90 new cliparts available there.

    As there is already some money on the moneybox, I started yesterday uploading a clipart set. Hope you can enjoy them, you can do whatever you want with it.

    P.S. a few minutes ago I got a mail, someone asked me, if he can use the map clipart for an geo tagging app. Of course you can!

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