Update on Supplemental Wallpaper for Fedora 28

Februar 11th, 2018 von buergermeister

I used the weekend to moderate the supplemental wallpapers for Fedora 28. I did already check from time to time the sumissions and rejected the ones who break the guidelines, and started checking the legality of the ones with given references of the license.
So far we have 124 submissions, but I rejected a lot (so far 18) this time for wrong aspect ration, some never will get that we dont accept submissions with the Fedora logo on it and unclear licenses, this time I rejected all who was not licensed with the same license as on Flickr or any other given reference. Before I always informed the submitter about this inconsistency, but there is to many of them now and it is very time consuming (some really think its just hitting a button inside Nuancier, I can assure you its not). 61 badges are so far awarded
There might come some more submission as there is some time until 13th left. But dont think I can moderate you last minute submission, Pingou already added now finally the feature that we can have deadline for submission and the begin of the voting phase on different dates.

some of my personal favorites so far:

The contest is a time and resourcen devouring thing for me, I spend an average of 160-200 hours working time with it. I have to mention this also now, I have to live with just a mobile connection and this costs me serious traffic. I had to add volume on Sunday just to finishing it and that after spending already on saturday a lot of traffic for it. Ok mobile traffic is in Cambodia (for western view) very cheap, to add 500MB costs me just 0.30$ but there is a downside, if you topup here the money is only valid for usage during next 7 days, so using 30 cents from a dollar means, 70 cents stay and normally I just have 1$ a week costs for my subscription, so this money will be not used and on the end I paid 1$ for the add, except I use it for adding more. Currently a dollar, is a lot for me I also get a good meal for it but unfortunately a coffee (at least not a good one)

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Sneak Peak into F26 Supplemental Wallpaper

März 20th, 2017 von buergermeister

There are just few days left, then the submission period for the Fedora 26 Supplemental Wallpaper ends and the voting will be open. Time for looking a bit behind the scenes. So far we had 94 submissions, that is again the average we had over the last contests.
The quality is also again average, compared to the time we started Nuancier its much lower. I have a strong feeling we have a lot of people just submitting something to get the badge. We have to get to a stage with an higher quality again and I started this time also to reject for quality reasons, from the 94 submissions stay after 83, so 11 rejections. I think thats record, but its not for quality reasons most I had to reject for copyright violations. Its a bit hard for me that some Ambassadors have no idea about licensing, and that they are not the author/creator of a picture even the real creator has licensed it CC0. So this time all this things was direct rejected, no second chance and I think I will keep it that way. Why sould I invest more work as necessary especially it doesnt get honored and I get insulted later on for it.
It cost me an average of 6 minutes just to moderate a submission and award the badge, not to mention that I have to do a legal research for them which costs an average of 2 hours a submission. Not to mention that there is also time needed for the creation of the election, for the article in Fedora Magazine which anounces the start of the contest, the article in the Community Blog which reminds you to go for the vote and and and…. Its more as a full month work just for that.

So for the next election there will be some changes more according to the submitters who submit work of others. I definitely will deny submissions from other wallpaper services/pages. Some other things will follow but require some technical changes in Nuancier, back to quality back to honor the people who create things for Fedora and work for doing it. Not the ones who search for 10 minutes in the internet for a free licensed picture and submit it but later on are the loudest ones, that they have submitted.

Thats all for now and now my usual 5 favorites amongst the submissions

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Looking for Records, Looking for Contributions

April 17th, 2016 von buergermeister

A few days ago, the voting for the Supplemental Wallpaper for Fedora 24 opened. And I am impressed, how many Fedora contributors have voted so far, but I have to tell you that even I dont know the exact number yet. Nuancier is written in a way, that I cant look into the numbers before it is published. But Fedora Badges gives a little bit of an insight, but you have to see as we made that badge for the first time there was a lot of discussion about badges for voting, so it must be claimed manually and its not claimed by all who vote. But now we have already 207 badges for Fedora 24 claimed, compared to 89 for Fedora 23. So the amount of voters is already doubled and there is still nearly a week time for the votes!

Personally I am impressed and happy to see that lot of interest in this part of Fedora. For me is the Supplemental Wallpaper Contest a so called low hanging fruit, which make it very easy possible to contribute to Fedora.

The first step from consumer to contributor is by far the hardest and if this step is done, it becomes way easier to do more. I thinking since a long time to open the voting also to people who have not cla/fpca +1 membership. That would be from my perspective a necessary step, but I always have the fear for the quality. We reached a level of quality now, which is good but still our own contributors have a strong faible for blue, the rather would vote for an halfway acceptable blue wallpaper instead of an amazing shot of an bird.

We already installed a weight system for the voting, members of the Fedora Design Team have an higher weight with there vote and there is also the group of Nuancier Mentors, who have also more weight for their vote.

Originally the Nuancier Mentors was thought as a group who continuously contributed to the Supplemental Wallpaper Contest, to get them mostly out of the problem not to be allowed to vote by themselves. That´s a bit chicken-egg problem with this ¨low hanging fruit¨” you also can scare contributors them off with this.

The Nuancier Mentors group was also thought for giving them more responsibility and improve the quality of the submissions. But its not that far implemented as I would like, as Nuancier is simple a sideshow. There is still the feature for the multi-monitor wallpaper, which is not implemented yet but ready to do so. There are also some needed features, I had this time a bit of trouble to moderate the last submissions. There are four submissions this time, who could not been moderated as I have to do for all a legal research (I had to reject this time 3 for violations, people are not aware they cant submit everything). So I need a small time between the end of submission phase and voting phase, thats right now not possible as it opens automatically and I also might need some time after the election.

  • But there are other things, who could be helpful improving the Contest. First of all we have way to many wallpaper packages, people always asking how to install them. The nicest thing to do would be to deliver them by default, replace the GNOME (and also on the other DEs) extra ones. That would be the nicest thing to do. That would make the wallpaper really prominent and might animate more to contribute in higher quality.
  • As the Nuancier Mentors group was thought for increasing the quality of the wallpaper through giving hints what could be improved with an submission that requires tiny changes in what can be submitted. Its lesser possible then to submit the work of somebody else (that would decrease the amount of legal research I have to do) as changes might require the source. But Nuancier has to be change to submit versions of a submission. And that requires some work. There is the problem with acceptance/moderation to solve then. But I think that kind of moderation can be done then by the mentors. So there is a way how to do it to find and it must be implemented.
  • Open the voting for everybody with an FAS account. I think that can be done for Fedora 25, to secure the quality, we could change the weight system a bit more, so that Fedora contributors have a higher value in vote to prevent fake-accounts and cheating votes. I really would like to open it, lets see if we can do for F25.

But all requires some work and I am sure Pingou would be happy to get some help in implementing new features for Nuancier. But its open anyway, you can find the source code here.

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Current Score Supplemental Wallpaper Fedora 24

März 25th, 2016 von buergermeister

Its more then a month ago, that I opened the Contest for finding the Supplemental Wallpaper for Fedora 24. Its time to give a little inside view and current score, what is going on.

What was new this time was the limitation of submission a single user can do, and so far it suffused what it was expected to do. The quality is significant higher. Also the rejects are this time, much lower, just 2 this time after we had for Fedora 23 a new record. But I have to say its again, that some would look really look better with a little bit of work on the picture. I really hope we can integrate the “mentoring process” soon into Nuancier. The mentors group already exists, and it would raise the quality of the wallpaper more. Here are my 5 favorites so far:

So far we have 99 submissions, and 97 are valid. 53 badges for contributions are handed out, but a lot of contributors have no badges account, and the most of them are fresh contributors. But there is still time for submissions, until 11th of April. So go make your contribution, if you not have done it yet!

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Supplemental Wallpaper Winners!

September 22nd, 2015 von buergermeister

We broke this time nearly all records since we doing the Supplemental Wallpaper Contest with Nuancier. We had 199 submissions, where actually 157 ended up in the pot for the elections. These came from 73 submitters, a lot of them new contributors. Unfortunately we also broke the record for rejected submissions. The most of them contained a trademarked logo, notice that includes our own also! One thing was also more negative, a lot of participants uploaded, not just 3 pictures as many more. Some of them submitted a lot and mostly iterations. That leads to a problem, the Fedora community shows a strong love for “blue”, means if somebody submitting just iterations of a blue pattern, he has a good chance. But it can be that all of his iterations are elected, instead of other better submissions with higher quality.

So, with the next contest, we have to limit to amount of submissions that can be made. Hopefully we can implement also some other features to.

But for now here are the winners:


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Winner Wallpaper for Fedora 22

März 26th, 2015 von buergermeister

The 5 days the Fedora contributors had to choose there favorites amongst the submissions for Fedora 22 Supplemental Wallpaper are over and here is the result:

Congratulation to all winners, and for the not chosen one, there will be definitely a Fedora 23 contest. Where your picture ended up and also some statistics you can find at nuancier.

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Make Fedora 22 Beautiful !

Februar 23rd, 2015 von buergermeister

Time is flying, Fedora 21 is there just 2 months and Fedora 22 alpha is before the door. So it is time to open the Supplemental Wallpaper Contest. We will use again Nuancier Fedoras application fr the submission and the voting. There are also this time some changes, there is now a team of mentors, who look over the submissions and make suggestions how it can be improved. The submission phase is this time much much shorter, you have only until 19th of March to make your submission.

There are some rules of technical nature:

  • Submitted wallpapers must use a format that can be read by software available in Fedora Package Collection. Preferred image formats include SVG and PNG.
  • Master files, which may be further edited, should be maintained in non-lossy formats. Preserving vector graphics, raster layers, and channels is important for such materials.
  • Originals for landscape formats must be a minimum of 1600 pixels wide and 1200 pixels high. The larger the better. Photographic submissions should be made at the highest resolution the camera is capable of.
  • Submitted wallpapers should be provided in a 16 x 9 aspect ratio when possible.
  • No watermarks, signatures, photographer/creator names, or messages may be included in any part of the work. However if the license allows, and the photo is compelling enough, we could remove watermarks.

and some of organizational nature:

  • Submissions must not contain material that violates or infringes anothers rights, including but not limited to privacy, publicity or intellectual property rights, or that constitutes copyright infringement. If your submissions include or derive from artwork created by other people, please make sure the license of the original work you incorporate is compatible with Fedora and that you are not violating any of the provisions of its license. Just because a work is licensed with a Creative Commons license does not mean it is free to use (make sure you provide attribution to artists that license their work with a CC Attribution clause.)
  • Submission should have the consent and approval of the author or creator
  • Submissions re thereby licensed to the public for reuse under CC-BY-SA unless specifically identified as being licensed by another approved liberal open source license. See a list of approved licenses for Fedora. Note that we can not accept NC or ND submissions.

To get inspiration, you can always look on former submissions, that are my personal favorites from the last contest:

The deadline until you can submit your artwork is the March 19 2015 at 23:59 UTC. The voting will open automatically after this deadline and as many said the period for the voting shall be longer it will be this time open until 25th of March

For the badges hunters, yes there will be badges for it. There will be a badge for submissions, it will be awarded after the examination of the picture if it fits the rules, which you can see above. Another one will be awarded if your submission is chosen and also for the voting process there will be one. So successful submission makes 2 badges ;) For further questions, you can send me a mail and don’t hesitate to ask me for assistance just write me a mail gnokii@fedoraproject.org.

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Status of Fedora 21 Supplemental Wallpaper

Juni 22nd, 2014 von buergermeister

The submission phase for the supplemental wallpaper for Fedora 21 is now half over. Some already asked me for the status and most wanted also to see what is submitted. But we decided not to show them until after the voting, to avoid that people vote only for people they know instead of the quality of the submission.
But I think now its time to give a little bit of an overview what is the status now. So far we have 59 submissions, 3 of them had to be rejected, wrong license, one was an double and one had the wrong resolution.
The good thing is more people as last time contributed to the wallpaper, the bad thing is that I got a strong feeling some just did to get the badge. So the quality of some submissions is low. On the other hand some participated with creating wallpapers especially for the contest, so we have until yet three vector graphics or image manipulations in the contest. In generally a lot of the submissions are nice with the motif its just that a little bit work on the RAW files would help them over the top. Mostly they are over-lighted, some just in areas.
So the question is now, if we change Nuancier in a way that allows the upload of different versions of a submission, so that you can work on them to make them better if necessary.
But that is music which might be played in the future, lets take a little look whats already there. Here are 5 submissions, which are my personal favorites right now.

Just to remind you, there is still time until August 16th for submissions, so more then a month. So jump to Nuancier and make your submission

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Supplemental Wallpaper – Go For The Vote!

Oktober 1st, 2013 von buergermeister

The submission time for the Supplemental Wallpaper for Fedora 20 is now over, now there comes even a more hard part select the right ones for the package. As for Fedora 19 everybody who is member of a group additionally to the cla-group can vote. But there is something new this time, you can vote in Nuancier. That makes it a lot easier to vote, as you can see what you are going vote for and not have to look into the wiki like before. You will see voting with Nuancier is fun!



Nuancier is actually a thing why I love to work on Fedora, it took from the idea on Flock to this first working stage only a month. So I have to thank the people who helped to realize this idea. In the future Nuancier will not only serve for the selection process for the package, it will also serve for the submission process. We hope to have it ready for Fedora 21. With this it will become much much easier to submit to the contest and for me it will make it also easier as some things can be tested automatically on the upload. But enough with looking into an glass ball.

You can vote for at least 16 wallpapers, but you have not for 16 just select your favorites. The period for the voting will not be long just until 4th of October 2013 23.59.59UTC. If you want, you can get a badge for the voting but you have to claim it. All submitters will get one and the selected submitters another one, so a lot of badges to award. So now go for the vote and help making Fedora 20 become beautiful!

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The Winners! – Fedora 19 Supplemental Wallpaper

April 20th, 2013 von buergermeister

A few hours ago the voting for the Supplemental Wallpapers for Fedora 19 ended. This time we had not so much submissions like for Fedora 18 but still enough to make it hard to vote. So it’s time to present the results. If you are interested in the totally results, you will find them here.

I am happy, that we also got this time submissions from people they are not amongst the Fedora contributors yet. But also the submissions from our contributors was damn good. So I looking forward for the Supplemental Wallpaper Contest for Fedora 20.

But for doing it, I need some help. During this contest a lot of problems became visible, the wiki isnt a good place to do it and also our voting application isnt written to handle so much candidates. It looks we need a new application for it, in case you are interested writing such one – join the design channel and speak to me.

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day +2 LGM/Linuxwochen

Mai 9th, 2012 von buergermeister

Friday the 4th of May was the 3rd day of Libre Graphics Meeting and the 2nd of Linuxwochen Vienna. The day of the goat invasion or the day I had not really fun. Why, I missed all the talks I was really interested in. For example Johan Engelen with the development of Powerstroke in Inkscape. I missed them because I had at the same time an Inkscape workshop on Linuxwochen. The workshop wasnt so crowed as they normally are. Because it was friday in the morning, a lot of people have to work. But there was no other time slot left. So I couldnt enjoy all the interesting talks from the GIMP world.

At 3pm was a bigger slot with an panel: Doing Design In The World Of FLOSS which Mizmo, Allan Day and me was planned for, Peter Sikking joined us also. The problem sitting on the end means, very often the points are taken. After that I skipped one talk and watched later Nicus talk about Free Culture meets Free Software: Wiki Loves Monuments and after that a video presentation from Bassam Kurdali about the Tube movie project. I had an conversation with Bassam a week before LGM started about that, because there was the idea to do a free movie session on the Linuxwochen after party on friday. But before we went to that, there was another q/talk planned like the day before. This time about open hardware, Pete Ippel talked about the MilkyMist One, Richard Hughes about the ColorHug and normally Mickey Lauer was planned but he didnt make it, so Zoltan joined the round and talked about the Nanonote.

After the q/talk I played again the role of a tourist guide and we went to the MuseumsQuartier. That is one of the places I like most, there is a lot of art and its also a place for Geeks as there is the quartier 21 for digital art and life style. The Linuxwochen after party wasnt invaded from LGM people like Nicu wrote, it was actually planned this way. Normally the after party its just a bigger table with arround 20 people as the most speakers are on there way home after there talk. Thats a problem of a longer event, you will never get all together. I tried to show some free movies, but it was already to late for that. On the social event Elisa de Castro Guerra went to me and used one of the few chances to speak with me, it was actually funny, because she works also for Doudou Linux, where I did last year made a submission to the Logo Contest and we had time to talk a little bit about it. Later we went for a couple of hours to the Metalab, Viennas hackerspace, which isnt far from the MQ and then home.

pictures Nicu & Kai-Uwe Behrmann

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DouDou Linux

Juli 11th, 2011 von buergermeister

Vor schon einiger Zeit habe ich am DouDou Linux Logo und Mascot-Wettbewerb teilgenommen. Jetzt mehr als 2 Monate später bin ich in der Endrunde, dieses Wettbewerbes. Am Wochenende hatte ich nun auch einmal Zeit einen Blick auf diese Distribution zu werfen.
Das auf Debian basierende DouDou Linux ist eine Linuxdistribution, die sich speziell an Kinder zwischen 2 und 12 Jahren richtet und vor wenigen Tagen erschien die Version 1.0 Codename Gondwana.
Die mit einer openbox mit wenigen LXDE als Desktop daher kommende Live-Distribution hat nur wenige Applikationen, überwiegend natürlich Spiele und Lernprogramme. Der schlanke Desktop sorgt natürlich für einen geringen Ressourcenverbrauch und dementsprechend flink startet DouDou. Die Entwickler selbst sagen, dass DouDou mit 128MB RAM auskommt, empfehlen aber 256 MB. Für 3D Spiele natürlich dann dem entsprechend mehr.
Wie bereits erwähnt DouDou kommt mit nur wenigen Applikationen daher, wie GCompris, KLettres, Kanagramm, KGeopgraphie und weiteren Spielen. Ob man sich allerdings mit KHangman Freunde unter den deutschen Eltern machen wird, wage ich zu bezweifeln. Überhaupt läßt die deutsche Übersetzung einiges zu wünschen übrig, hier fehlt eindeutig die Hilfe eines interessierten deutschen Entwicklers. Auf Grund der geringen Anzahl an Applikationen ist diese Aufgabe auch nicht all zu schwer, wer also daran Interesse hat auf der Mailingliste des Projektes melden.
Neu hinzugekommen in der Version 1.0 ist eine Multimedia-Sektion, mit der man einfach Songs aus einem Musikverzeichnis als Jukebox abspielen kann. Die Sektion enthält aber auch hier “Lernprogramm” wie Songwrite. Auch hinzugekommen, ist die einst von den Skole Linux Entwicklern gestartete Applikation StopMotion, mit der man StopMotion Animationen erstellen kann. Leider wird dieses Programm nicht mehr wirklich entwickelt, was schade ist.

Grafisch hat mir DouDou Linux teils gefallen, teils aber auch nicht. Der Startsplash ist eigentlich toll und ich frage mich ob wirklich ein Logo-Contest von Nöten war. Wenn da auch kleine Verbeserungen in der Usability zu machen wären, das Kinderpärchen sieht eigentlich toll aus. In der grafischen Umgebung hingegen und bei den Icons und ähnlichen Dingen ist schon ein wenig Arbeit notwendig, um DouDou wirklich zu einer tollen Distribution zu machen. Aber benutzen können es die Kids auch jetzt schon.

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  • Shirts für feurige Füchse

    Januar 12th, 2011 von buergermeister

    Der T-Shirt Contest für Gnome 3 ist ja schon fast vorbei und nur noch wenige Tage können Einreichungen gemacht werden, da gibt es wieder einen neuen Shirt Contest. Dieses Mal geht es darum ein Design für Mozilla zu entwerfen und zwar für die kommende Firefox 4 Version. Das Gewinnerdesign wird dann das offizielle Releasshirt, welches an Contributoren auf der ganzen Welt verschickt wird und im Mozillashop erhältlich sein wird. Aus allen Einsendungen wird ein Team die besten 5 auswählen, es zählen dabei die Kreativität des Design und ob das Thema klar zum Ausdruck gebracht wird. Diese 5 Designs werden dann ab den 15. März in ein Finale gehen und sich dem öffentlichen Voting stellen müssen.

    Der ideal zu bedruckende Raum auf dem T-Shirt sind 25x25cm, es soll nur ein Design für die Front gemacht werden die Rückseite soll später das Firefox Wordmark aufgedruckt bekommen. Das Desgin soll einen Hintergrund für die Farbe des Shirt enthalten und soll als PNG/JPG in 300dpi Auflösung abgegeben werden und zwar nur das Design. Die Quelldateien mit allen Layern, soll man auf jeden Fall aufbewahren. Einsendungen können bist zum 13. März 2011 gemacht werden.

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    GNOME Shirt Contest

    November 24th, 2010 von buergermeister

    Für den kommenden April ist das Release der nächsten Generation der Gnome Desktopumgebung geplant. Für genau dieses Release möchte die GNOME Foundation auch neue Shirts, die den neuen GNOME 3 Desktop repräsentieren, für den Gnome-Store haben. Und genau aus diesem Grund gibt es jetzt einen Gnome Shirt Contest. Der Preis ist abhängig von den Einreichungen. Der Gewinner erhält 100$ und zwei der T-Shirts in einer wählbaren Größe, gibt es mehr als 10 Einreichungen wird es auch einen zweiten Platz geben, der 50$ und ein T-Shirt erhält. Bei mehr als 15 Einreichungen, wird es auch einen Drittplatzierten geben und dieser erhält dann ein T-Shirt. Die Designs müssen als SVG abgegeben werden und der Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported unterliegen. Mehr auf den Seiten des Shirt-Contest

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  • Debian Squeeze artwork “contest”

    Juni 15th, 2010 von buergermeister

    Nachdem die Nachrichten die Runde machen, das Debian Squeeze Ende August eingefroren wird, ruft nun der Debian Project Leader Stefano Zacchiaroli in seinem Blog zu einer Art Grafik-Wettbewerb auf. Also wer Skills im Umgang mit Grafiken hat und ein Debian-Enthusiast ist, sollte sich zuerst einmal auf der Artwork requirements-Seite im Debian Wiki umschauen. Und kann nachher schon einmal hier die Vorschläge für Squeeze im “Contest” anschauen und natürlich dort auch eintragen. Also viel Spaß beim mitmachen.

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    Juni 21st, 2009 von buergermeister

    Aaron Seigo ist der Meinung über den “Sozialen Desktop” oder was die Idee dahinter ist kann man nicht genug reden. Und am Mittwoch startete auch der Social Desktop Contest und weil man wirklich nicht genügend über die Idee dahinter und auch die Gefahren dabei reden kann, hat RadioTux auf dem LinuxTag Frank Karlitschek im Interview zum Social Desktop in KDE 4.3

    Hatte ich letztens noch unter den spaßigen Fundstücken, dass man jetzt mit dem IBM PCjr twittern könnte, so kann man das jetzt auch mit dem C64 – Retrocomputing macht halt Spaß.

    RTFM berichtet über eine neue Möglichkeiten neue Distributionen zu finden. Das das bei über 1.000 bei DistroWatch registrierten eigentlich keine leichte Aufgabe ist, ist klar. Ab nun gibt es also den LinuxTracker

    Bei openSUSE macht man sich indes Gedanken über das Interesse an den Weekly News ,die es übrigens bei RadioTux in gesprochener Version gibt. Beim Hören eben dieser ist mir eben aufgefallen, das darin immer die gleichen Namen vorkommen. Das sind sehr häufig Gabriel Stein mit interessanten Python-Tips und Katarina Machalkova als wahres YaST-Girl. Warum gibt es eigentlich so wenige openSUSE-Nutzer, die über ihre Erfahrungen bloggen? Ubuntublogs gibt es zu hauf. Jedenfalls beschäftigt Sascha Manns diese Frage und er sucht interessante Tipps und Tricks für die Weekly News. Und selbst dem Communitymangaer scheint dieses Defizit bereits aufgefallen zu sein, schliesslich schreibt er: Bring out yer blogs! Nun vielleicht findet man ja jetzt interessante Tipps.

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  • Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase

    Juni 13th, 2009 von buergermeister

    Auch in diesem Jahr sucht Ubuntu wieder nach Beiträgen, für seinen Free Culture Showcase. Gesucht sind Audio-, Video- oder Fotobeiträge. Die Beiträge müssen dabei bestimmte Größen vorweisen und natürlich die freien Formate wie Ogg-Vorbis oder Ogg-Theora verwenden. Für Grafiken geht PNG oder JPG. Die Audiobeiträge dürfen 1MB, die Videobeiträge 2,5MB und die Grafiken ein halbes MB groß sein. Natürlich müssen die Beiträge einer “freien” Lizenz unterliegen und zwar entweder der Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike oder der Creative Commons Attribution License. Einsendeschluss ist der 16. Juli also nicht mehr allzu lange. Mehr findet man im UbuntuWiki oder bei Ubuntus Communitymanager Jono Bacon.

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  • The best Project of 2009 is?

    Mai 15th, 2009 von buergermeister

    Sourceforge möchte in diesem Jahr nun bereits zum vierten Male, die Community Choice Awards vergeben. DIe Plattform Sourceforge ist einer der größten Hoster freier Softwareprojekte. In den Kategorien: Best Project, Best Project for the Enterprise , Best Project for Gamers, Best Tool or Utility for SysAdmins, Best Visual Design, Best Tool or Utility for Developers, Best Commercial Open Source Project, Best Project for Academia, Best Project for Multimedia, Best Project for Government, Most Likely to Change the Way You Do Everything, Best New Project sind die Anwender und Nutzer der Plattform aufgerufen Projekte zu nominieren. Bis zum 29. Mai können noch Projekte nominiert werden. Ins Finale kommen dann in den Kategorien jeweils die zehn Projekte mit den meisten Nominierungen, über die dann abgestimmt wird. Diese Finalisten werden am 22. Juni bekannt gegeben und ab dann ist auch das Voting für die Projekte geöffnet. Am 20. Juli sollen dann die Gewinner feststehen, die ihre Preise dann im Rahmen der in San Jose stattfindenden OpenSource Convention am 23. Juli, erhalten sollen.

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    Alle wollen Video

    Mai 14th, 2009 von buergermeister

    Oder scheinbar kommt Novells SUSE-Projekt mit dem Nachmachen von Marketingmaßnahmen anderer kaum hinterher. Erst blöde Werbevideos von Windows, dann folgt Mac, dann die Linux-Foundation und nun ruft Novell zum Videocontest “What do you do with Linux?” auf. Dem Sieger winken 2.000 Us-$ Preisgeld drei Netbooks und zehn Mini-Camcoder; die Prämierung erfolgt durch die Community. Allerdings ist bereits am 1. Juni Einreichungschluss.

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    Wtf is Yastie

    April 16th, 2009 von buergermeister

    Gestern hat mir jemand von Yastie erzählt. Das SUSE an ihrem Tool sehr hängt ist mir klar, dafür ein eigenes Maskottchen haben zu wollen finde ich aber overheaded. Tja und nun haben sie eins. Mein erster Kommentar dazu, dass ist doch ein Unfall. Kommenast Gegenseite nein, aber Du hast die restlichen Einreichungen nicht gesehen. Hatte ich aber inzwischen, ich hatte die Seite mit der Gallerie der Einreichungen offen. Was soll ich sagen, ich glaube die Einreichungen kommen von sehr vielen Kindern ;) Scheint als ob openSUSE dringend mehr und bessere Grafiker benötigt.

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