New Planet need more hackagotchis

April 8th, 2010 von buergermeister

We just have a new styled planet. But when you looking at him right now, there are often such “grey persons“. Some time ago I offered a sevice from the Art-Team to make hackagotchis for persons who cant do them self. I think I should offer that service now again. You need a (new) hackagotchis? Just send a mail with the picture (and maybe when you have special wishes) to the artwork list or to my personal mail and after a few hours you get your new hackagotchi back.

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Happy Birthday – RadioTux

März 31st, 2010 von buergermeister

Yes its true, RadioTux has his 9th Birthday. Since 9 years we doing podcasts about Linux and Open Source and since last year we doing the openSUSE Weekly News as podcast. Its one of our traditions to make a Birthday broadcast and this year are a lot of openSUSE people in this podcast. The Boosters gratulated us and there are an interview with Julio Vaninni from openSUSE-ni and with Jose Oramas from Ecuador, both doing events for FLISOL. And thats what the broadcast is about – Linux in Latin America and the FLISOL. I also did a mail interview with Ricardo Varas Santana, you can find it here. The interviews with the organizators are in english, the rest of the podcast is in german/swiss german and you can find it here.

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Casi como la Navidad

März 19th, 2010 von buergermeister

A few weeks ago as I did this comic here I wrote at the same time to all openSUSE Amabassadors from Latin America a mail to participate in Flisol. Last year there was only to reports from openSUSE people. One of them came from Julio in Nicuragua and the other was written in the wiki, it was in Chile and Ricardo Varas Santana helped organize the event. For me it is not possible even acceptable that there is a event in 20 countrys and over 200 cities and only in two places openSUSE people are involved.  This year is a little bit different, when you look in the openSUSE wiki there are more places with openSUSE people involved. In Nicuragua Julio and SUSE-NI organize one of the 3 events in Nicuragua. He wrote a lizard blogpost last week about it. In Venezuela Alex Barrios organize the event in Mérida, Hector Mansilla doing one in Santiago de Chile and Ricardo Varas Santana in Coquimbo/La Serena, Chile. Ricardo Chung organize an event in Panama City (he also did some pre-events), in Ecuador José Antonio Oramas Mogrovejo. In Mexico help Mauro Parra-Miranda and Miguel Angel Barajas organize events for the Flisol. Sometimes are such things like my mail are needed to bring things to running. But I did more the chilean openSUSE guy like to have a chilean Geeko and a banner for her event. Javier translate the posters from Jimmac together with me. For Nicuragua, Chile and Venezuela we organized that one of the organizers get all DVDs and the other stuff for the whole country and distribute it to the other cities. “Postmaster” AJ had a lot of work to do with it :D

And now the first packages in Venezuela are arrived. It was a little bit like Christmas not only because there was a lot of packages but the fun about the things in it was the same. For Venezuela that means not, that are the medias are available where the openSUSE Ambassadors are. Like Alex Barrios wrote in his blogpost about it they go to all 19 places where the Flisol take place in Venezuela.  And because the medias are there it would be installed the organizers are really all happy to have them. Actually I think openSUSE made some new friends there because our help was uncomplicated.

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A few things about last weekend

März 17th, 2010 von buergermeister

I think I have to say a few words about the last weekend. There was an event and I was there. Yeah I was there. That decision wasnt easy for me. But a lot of friends wished to see me there. I decided that really at the last moment and I felt not really lucky there. Yeah I was happy to see many friends and it was a good feeling with the things they said to me. There was e.g. Wobo from MandrivaUser who said to me thx for invite him last year and that he is lucky that they Mandriva Community has now a booth there. There was the “Fedora Gang” with kital and Christoph.  There was Unki, Martin, Michael and Roman (juliux was there too but he was on the booth of OTRS) from ubuntu.  From Dresden there was Tokoe,  Stefan (he was last time here at Launch Party) and Felix for representing the KDE project. This time openSUSE supported KDE with DVDs again but last time I had to carry them a farther way :D (Henne please force Jan next time to take some KDE-CD) There was Matthias and Rainer from the FSF I meet again and a lot of friends more. I can say thats my family because of that I sort this entry in the categorie “Family Affairs”.

For the openSUSE the event was good and not so good. First Jan asked me for the registration process and I answered him he can use me as the second person that is needed for the process. But I said to him search for another persons for the booth, so that the booth is supported when I not come to the event. He didnt do that after a while he wrote a mail to Thomas and me and asked again. But Thomas had no time because our company had a workshop and a booth at this event too. After this he begun to search. There are not really a lot of openSUSE people for support a booth in Germany! When you look at the Ambassador list there are some people more but only Jan, Thomas and me runs the presentations at the events. Actually there was help from the Boosters, Petr came from Prague (I hope your enjoyed the visit here). That was second time a Booster from there was here at a event. I have to say its always a pleasure to work with them and I looking forward to meet Pavol and Michal at Linuxwochen in Vienna.

A funny thing for me was Alexander Graf was here too and Cornelius had the keynote (ok the organizers offered it 14 days ago) for me that looks as we communicate not really good. We have a page in the wiki for the event. But I cant read there which openSUSE people have talks on the event :( Another thing is the event has a forum for Linux newbies Martin had always an talk there next year we have to do that again. Maybe I do that but that depends on my feelings to some of the organizers, this year I decided no support with talks or workshops (also they asked for that). I know isnt really good for the project but please respect it.

So now after so much bad things the good things. Like Jan wrote we handed out 800 DVDs (Fedora handed out 250) I find it funny but the visitors always asking are they for free? No I am not wondering anymore, Martin had last time I saw him here a flyer on the desk “yes its openSUSE 11.0 and its for free” and I am very sure I made for Henne such a thing for LinuxTag too. I think Petr can affirm here is a local openSUSE community. Next time we have to concentrate to involve them in the project. For this time we involved Kai Uwe (for me is kub). Jan blogged about it he develop a colour management system called Oyranos and some other stuff for color managment. Sure its available in the OBS. Its a interesting thing for people like me but not really for other people. Its hard to find co-developers or people they test it. Last year Kai Uwe did a booth sharing session for it here at this event but he wasnt really happy with it. So I was very happy to hear that he going to Libre Graphics Meeting this year. Jimmac please look after him, he is a part of the openSUSE family ;) But we had not only fun on the event even before. On the friday evening we had a nice dinner (without the planned cigar :( ) at a greek restaurant. We that means the whole bunch Petr, Jan and Kai-Uwe for the openSUSE booth, Ines, Stefan and Bernhard for the invis server project which is based on openSUSE and the people of my company too and we showed our openSUSE related work to. We had a presentation of a cluster and our managment tools for virtualized networks, together with megware sure the cluster runs with openSUSE ;) Petr asked what can help us with our work and actually there is a thing infini band drivers for 11.2 :D Ooh one I forgot Ingo from RadioTux was at our dinner too, because he slept at my apartment (and he uses openSUSE sometimes :D )  We had really a nice evening and the next day on the social event too. Yeah I was there funny thing to become a invitation to it from the organizers, I am sure they forgot I am not corruptible with such things. And the second funny thing, all the years I was in the organization team I had no social event because I organized one of the evening events for the visitors. On the end I dont know was the weekend good or bad, good was to meet a lot of my friends and have some fun with them. Bad was the feeling about the event, because I did it like I all things do with my heart for some assholes in the team its easier to go because they do it only to be one time in the year important. But thats another story.

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Few things from and about the art team

Februar 24th, 2010 von buergermeister

There has been some time ago since the last blogpost about the openSUSE Art-Team. Now is time for a little status update.

I could say the art team has begun to working. Actually we have some tasks and working on it. Currently we use the wiki as platform to sharing ideas and proposals, I know isnt the way to do it but is works for the moment. When you like, you can visit the pages and tell us on the opensuse-artwork list if you like some of the proposals or when you have a idea for one. Artists are always hungry for feedback ;)

But you can not only go to this list when you have critics or ideas for artwork. When you need artwork you can go there too, there are always guys hungry for doing graphics and such stuff. Tell them what you need and what you have in mind and I am very sure they help. Raul for example think we can offer to help with hackagotchis and yes we can do this. So tell where they can find a source picture and you get your hackagotchi.  But remember hackagotchis are fast done and logos not. So for some artwork give us some time, we try to find as team the best solution. So keep in mind when you need artwork going to the opensuse-artwork mailingliste there are specialists for support openSUSE with artwork.

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Geeko is there where the action is

Februar 12th, 2010 von buergermeister

* http://installfest.net/

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  • openSUSE Ambassadors from LATAM

    Februar 8th, 2010 von buergermeister

    The world greatest FLOSS event take place on 24th of April. openSUSE Ambassadors from LATAM dont forget to participate on FLISOL!

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    Februar 6th, 2010 von buergermeister


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  • First Art-Team meeting

    Januar 31st, 2010 von buergermeister

    Since my first posting for the formation of a openSUSE art team has a lot done. There have been really in a short time, some Interested found. Thus, the idea is not for the kind of team again It was relatively fast
    asleep a meeting with interested parties to organize. For this, I’ve got a Doodlevoting for the best time placed. It turned out that it is not easy. For half of the prospective resident on the other side of the Globe. The one side is asleep, while the other is awake. Actually, I had hoped to be able to solve the problem a little, in I receive them into the Saturday with the election. Nevertheless, could only just under half of Interested to participate in the meeting.

    The following points were discussed:

    Introduction of ourselves
    Resources to use
    Extra Wallpapers to ship on 11.3
    Process for requesting artwork
    Polls to get feedback and prioritizing work
    Training skills

    For some of the problems to which solutions were also now will work. A protocol of the meeting can be found here. A vote for the next appointment can be found here. There’s even been the first tasks for the Artteam. Who else is interested: you can never have enough volunteers – Geeko wants you!

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    Geeko wants you Pt.2

    Januar 27th, 2010 von buergermeister

    After my last posting came some people to me and said I should do more such comics. Ok, I will do that but not to often and not periodic. For doing that I need time and inspiration. And now to the new comic, its simple Geeko wants you!

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  • More german postings plz

    Januar 25th, 2010 von buergermeister

    I use from time to time pictures to speak for me, thats for me in easier as write a long english entry. I hope you understand what I mean. For me it is not really productiv to think about translate tweets from english to spanish and the article there linked in the tweet is english. It is the best way to announce the Launch Party for 11.2 in Nuremberg in English on the Planet? I dont know was a good blogpost about 11.2 on the german planet, I think not really it was such an entry there. I am sure we have more german native speakers as aggregated on the german planet. I post more stories on the german planet as here, I have an additional feed for the english planet. Maybe other openSUSE member think now to do the same (I hope so). And I am not more so alone on the german planet ;)

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  • Art-Team meeting

    Januar 23rd, 2010 von buergermeister

    A little status update whats going on with openSUSE Art-Team. Its a few days ago since we had the idea to build such a team and announed that. We found enough people to begin to build an team. I would not say the 10 people are enough there is always place for more. But enough for forming a team. So when you have skills in Inkscape, Gimp, Blender or Scribus and interested to do some artwork for openSUSE join us.
    We had last week a little doodle vote to find a date when we can have a meeting. In the meeting we ry to find out how we can help the openSUSE project with graphics and artwork. On our wiki page we collect since days ideas what and how we can do that. When you have an idea what we can do or interested to help us to build the Art-Team, then post the ideas there or join our meeting.
    The meeting we set up on saturday the 30th on 16.00 UTC on #opensuse-artwork. When you like to contact us use the artwork mailinglist – opensuse-artwork@opensuse.org. After the meeting I hope we can announce that we have an Art-Team and take the next steps to organize it.

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  • Building an openSUSE Art-Team

    Januar 15th, 2010 von buergermeister

    Since a few days I trying to build an openSUSE Art-Team. The feeling that such a team make some things better for the openSUSE I have since a long time. We have a mailing list opensuse-artwork, not often action there. We have some pages in the wiki with guidlines for doing artwork for openSUSE, we have an IRC #opensuse-artwork on freenode. I have to say I am logged in on the chan right now and I almost nearly alone there and on the mailinglist the traffic isnt much.
    Creating artwork is one of the ways to contribute to openSUSE not to the distributon alone. Henne makes in his answer the point “This is a resource we could greatly use. We frequently need artwork for all kinds of purposes, not only the distribution, and up until now this rests on the shoulders of a few people (namely you, robert, jimmac and garrett). We also have a lot of teams/areas in the project that, uhm how do i say this politely, use artwork of questionable quality.”
    What happen when you need a graphic artwork for a thing? Maybe you know who does artwork for openSUSE and went to one of them, and he has time (and an idea) for doing it. Or you know an guy who has enough knowledge in doing graphics and ask him. The posters of last LinuxTag and the logo for the openSUSE Boosters happened this way. Or you can write an email to the list, its the same as you went directly to the artists only when they time you get what you need. Otherwise you can be lucky and there is one, who take care of it. I am sure thats not really the best way.
    Its better I quote henne here: “A group of people, easily identified, to go to for all kind of graphic artwork would be a big step forward for the project.” For building this team I wrote a mail to marketing and artwork list to find people they are interested in build an art team. I am sure thats the same thing like the Ambassador, you must not be an openSUSE Member to help the openSUSE Art-Team. You have knowledge in doing artwork and interested in doing it, write a mail to the list or put your name on the wiki page.
    I hope we find enough people they are interested

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  • openSUSE-Wallpaper

    Dezember 28th, 2009 von buergermeister

    Wie ich im Gimp-Tutorial hier geschrieben habe, dass Ganze läßt sich eben auch mit anderen Farbverläufen und natürlich Distributionen machen. Ich habe das hier ganz einfach einmal mit einem grünen Farbverlauf und openSUSE als Schriftzug gemacht. Voila hier ist das entsprechende Ergebnis, ein openSUSE Wallpaper. Wie immer gibts dasbei kde-look zum Download.

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