Sintel is out but not only

September 30th, 2010 von buergermeister

Today was “Sintel” released the newest movie of the Blender Foundation. You can download it here but please use the torrent, share! You can also watch it at Youtube. When u watch it so look in the Gold-Sponsor Section, there you can found KommKino Nuremberg. Visitors of last years openSUSE Conference maybe remember the Open Movie Night in this cinema. On the end of the night they asked for donations and now you can see for what the money was used.

This year at conference would be also Open Movie Nights, I doing my talk from LinuxTag about Open Movies again (this time in english) and on thursday and friday is Open Movie Night in KommKino again.

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FrOSCamp Zurich

September 19th, 2010 von buergermeister

Finally I am home from FrOSCamp now, it was a hard weekend and I slept not much. I started thursday in the evening and picked Alex in Nuremberg arround 9pm adn after another 500km ride we arrived in the morning in Zurich. Then begun an hopeless search for an parking ground. Zurich is definitly an tourist/car driver unfriendly city. Its not that you cant find a place for you car its more that you cant find a place without paying. So on the end I used a parking place I search in the net before I started to Zurich, it was the cheapest I can find, only problem you had the right to park there for 15 hours. The funny thing was, you can pay for more there :D The machine took Euro money, but the automat for the tram doesnt take Euro or paper money. So if you plan a trip to Zurich is definitly the better choice to take the train or plane and make sure you have some coins for the tram.

On the end we arrived at the event place short after 8 in the morning and Bruno had prepared the booth very well. Short after us arrived Michal and Pavol from Czech, they brought an HP touch screen from the Prague office. We showed mostly the GNOME 3 preview on that machine, with the touchscreen its a cool thing. And we promised Stormy that we represent in Zurich the GNOME Project, Bruno printed a nice banner for that. On the end we had a lot of conversations about GNOME Shell more then we had showed the KDE side of openSUSE. But this we did also Bruno prepared a machine with some different virtual machines, that showed factory or KDE or the KDE netbook style. That we had some things to show brought us more visitors then our neighbors had, ubuntu prepared her booth like an selling point. There was CDs, shirts and cups on that table and behind that some guys sitting behind her notebooks.
At FrOSCamp was also FUDCon EMEA and I visited Máirín Duffys talk about Inkscape and GIMP and visited as an spy the Fedora Design Team Meeting too. The FrOSCamp had not a lot of visitors, so we had enough time for conversations with friends from other projects. On the first evening there was the Wired Dreams party as an kind of social event, I stayed with Bruno not a long time there. We went to a pasta place directly opposit the event place and after a few minutes most of the fedora guys joined us. We had nice conversations there.
For the next day we hoped ther are more visitors but on the end there wasnt more as the day before. So we had enough time for conversations again. On the evening there was FUDPub, we went there and had some fun with the Fedora people. It was nice, but I had to drive home. So it was a nice weekend in Zurich and we had a lot of fun at this event.

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openSUSE T-Shirt motive

August 29th, 2010 von buergermeister

A week ago asked michl on opensuse-artwork list for a design for the next genereation of tshirts. Interesting since then the most doing t-shirt motive for the openSUSE Conference. Javier had a nice idea putting the shape of Nuremberg in the background. And thats what I have in mind right now as shirt for openSUSE Conference.

For the next generation of tshirts I working on a graffiti-styled serie but they are not really ready for showing yet. When you have some ideas for the shirts? Join the discussion on artwork-list.

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FrOSCon 2010

August 23rd, 2010 von buergermeister

Last weekend took FrOSCon place and openSUSE had a great presentation there. It was the 5th FroSCon and I was there since the second. FrOSCon addresses more developer and so its the best way to make a simple booth there for presenting openSUSE. FrOSCon offers projects rooms for making ther own program in there.  Projects like PHP, Django, Perl, Geany and some others used the offer. After LinuxTag I said to Henne let us take an developer room too, we can make what we want in there, we have only what we do in it.

So the famous Boosters decided to take that offer and work on elgg for the connect application in there. Will did two blogposts [1 , 2] about the HackMeck.

Events beginning always with the ride to it, last year I had the traffic jam this year the Boosters had. So we cant go all together in a restaurant, for this I reserved a table in Brauhaus Siegburg. But the Boosters arrived later on so we decided to go to the chinese restaurant directly in St.Augustin and we had a prominent guest at our table. John Maddog Hall joined as later there.

The first day was already filled up and Thomas had the whole day to answer a lot of questions and so he cant setup our cluster we showed at the booth. Later we visited the FrOSCon social event, a barbecue wit ha lot of “Kölsch” and we enjoyed the birthday cake there. Second day was a little bit quieter and we hadnt so much conversations at booth. So on the end we give out 2 packages on DVD directly to persons and with some other packages we helped KDE again. From my side it was a good descission to take the developer room offer and hack something in it. Yes not a lot of people joined or visited the room, but we had some attention for doing this. I had some conversations with people from debian, they was interested what going on in our project and how “open” it is. With such things like the HackMeck we show that we are an open project – we should do this more.

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Graphical improvements for 11.4

August 18th, 2010 von buergermeister

Some days ago, I showed some of the wallpaper proposals they Ivan Cukic made for openSUSE 11.4. I think they are not the final version but we got good feedback for them and I think they will happen in 11.4. So I played a little bit with them how it could look in generally with the installer, splash and so on. I choosed the grey version because grey is neutral color. And when u come from splash to the windowmanager there changes not the green and it looks very different. So look and tell me what u think. And of course its not final and I have, to make some things better.

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Improve artwork openSUSE 11.4

August 16th, 2010 von buergermeister

It was a little bit quiet about that topic last days, thats because I had a little bit other work to do. The only thing I did now for the installer is, to make deliberations which pages are needed and helpful in the slideshow. More I cant do at this time. A generally background is needed first.  I did some wallpaper but I found no really idea, one of them looke like a commercial for lemonade, there was some the liked it but me self not.

The greatest problem here is, you have to find a theme, that fixes GNOME and KDE installations. Remember 11.2 splash in Jimmacs solar theme and after that followed Nunos KDE styled wallpaper looked very different. For 11.3 we tried to avoid that and all became same looking artwork. But her for my opinion on GNOME it looks not so good with Jimmacs great solar theme.

Some days ago I read a blogpost from Ivan Cukic and I had the feeling that could it be and so I asked him to do as openSUSE version of his wallpaper. And he did and her are they so take a look and say what you think could they work in next version of openSUSE?

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Launch party Vienna

August 12th, 2010 von buergermeister

I have only a few words to this event. The pic is taken at Museumsquartier downtown Vienna at Launch Party. Thx go to Michl for helping me find a speaker for the event, Gerald Pfeifer for be that speaker and make the journey to Vienna and thx goes to quintessenz e.V. for organizing the rooms and the party himself.

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Launch Party openSUSE 11.3 & KDE 4.5

August 8th, 2010 von buergermeister

Yesterday, we had the Launch Party for 11.3 here in Chemnitz. It was interesting, how we do it we do it wron. For the last Launch Party we rented a room in a near cultural center, after that we thaught we can do it in the conference rooms of my company. And this time it was filled up :D We had a lot of guests. Some of them came really early and so it was time for an coffee and smalltalk. This time we prepared 3 talks, I started with the “openSUSE A-Z contribution guide” after that Tobias Koenig followed with “KDE yesterday – today and tomorrow, that was a really intersting presentation. He talked about how KDE started and he showed how KDE looked in earlier versions and on the end how showed some things what comes in future. Michl send me some books and I gived them away for the first questions (in Tobias case it was a nasty question about backuping akonadi). The last talk was a special topic, we had Kai-Uwe he talked about his Oyranos project, thats a server for color managment.

For number fetischists, I cooked arround 200 cups of coffee and on the barbecue after the talks I grilled 40 sausages and 25 steaks. So on the end I had not a lot of time for take pictures but I know some of the guests did. I hop I get them. On the end it was I cool event and we make next release a Launch Party again.

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  • openSUSE A-Z Contribution Guide

    August 4th, 2010 von buergermeister

    A few hours ago asked Pavol me if I have a openSUSE graffiti with an geeko. Of course I have one, he said he needs it for some slides for his Launch Party on friday and I said I have slides with such an graffiti on it and send it to him. After a few minutes he said, thats exactly what he working on. We both had the same idea, we reusing Hennes and Vuntz talk from LinuxTag 2010. And here it is “The ultimate A-Z openSUSE Contribution Guide” in graffiti style.

    So maybe some other are interested in that, its possible to translate it in other languages, the slides are a cool introducion for openSUSE. That are only the picture slides for every picture is another slide with some points for it.

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  • Improve the distribution design 2

    Juli 20th, 2010 von buergermeister

    A few days ago I wrote about improving the design of the installer for the next version. First I have to say thx to all they commented the article and gave me her ideas and opinions. I think I should work and the changings furthermore. In the last days I cant do not much things on this topic, I changed only the map for the time zone selection from a photo realistic map to an bi-colored graphical. So it looks simpler now (but here is a little bit work to do). Take a look.

    On the end I can only develop ideas, what can changed to look better. Because on the end the work must be done with the colors of the next openSUSE wallpaper. But there is a lot of work to do until then. Today I made snapshots from the diashow during the installation process. Such things like the diashow helps that the user think the installation process going very fast, you know the feeling when you wait for something and have nothing what deflect you, the time is endless long.
    Today our installation is very fast, and the slides would not long showed. The whole installation process is done (depending on machine power and choosed software) in arround 20 minutes. The slide show isnt the longest part of it, it makes round 6-7 minutes of the process. I made snapshots from 11 slides that means every picture would be showed arround 70 seconds, some longer and some not so long.
    Have u ever tried to keep 7 different web adresses in your mind, when you have sort it out from a text? One thing is sure you keep not much from the information that is given in that process. So you have to keep the information so simple as possible, when you like to have a effect.
    So now let us take a look of the slide show.

    1. Slide: Short introducion what openSUSE is and that it is made from volunteers, URL www.opensuse.org/How_to_Participate (the only not translated URL and remember you have to keep in mind the correctly capitalization) btw. that slide show is showed longer time as the other.
    2. Slide: remember me that openSUSE is translated to many different languages. URL http://i18n.opensuse.org
    3.-9. Slide: I call it short product information and there are no URL on it :D
    10. Slide: that slide is really the worst case of all slides. It informs the user where he can find more information first I would pointed on a URL http://de.opensuse.org/Documentation, then I got the information about the wiki http://de.opensuse.org, then I become the URL of the official forums http://forums.opensuse.org and last but not least I be informed a little bit about OBS. (I hope I am not the only one who questioning here what have OBS with Documentation in common)
    11. Slide Information about Novells Linux products, URL http://www.novell.com/de-de/linux/

    So now let us speak a little bit about it. I saw a hint for the OBS of course is a really interesting thing for a developer and for the user? Maybe for them is openFATE more from interest, think you not? Saw you something about it?
    7 of the 11 slides inform about what I can do with the distribution they I install right now. Has something from I bought a cat in a bag, all the information given on that slides like that there is a complete office or which browser should given before I install it or not? Its more interesting for how start I this, how can I make the first steps with my new openSUSE or not?
    To change the situation with the to many URL is really simple. Most of them are the default bookmarks, so instead of writing the URL there should be written “the bookmarks of your browser shows you the way” or something.
    For the other things I need a little bit help. I like to improve the section about the project and how to participate a little bit, give that mor place and add openFATE. For the slides I call “product” information (3-9) I would like give more help “how to find and start the browser” and such things as only to say there is one and it is Firefox and btw. Flash isnt installed as the slide right now say! So there is a lot of work to do, maybe you have some ideas how we can improve the slide show during the installation.

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    Improve the distribution design

    Juli 12th, 2010 von buergermeister

    In a few days openSUSE 11.3 would be released and I did last days som screenshots for the documentation in the wiki from the installation process. And I have to say it looks not what the distribution deserve. In 11.2 we had a design problem too, the boot splash was made from jimmac and looked really different from the KDE desktop. For 11.3 we tried to avoid that and jimmac made a good looking wallpaper what looked KDE-styled.

    Pieces of that wallpaper are used in some other graphics for the distribution. For example in the installer. So now take a look for the installer. The black geeko looks a little bit wrong. There are so different icons and colors used in the installer so that it looks a little bit as done without love. I think we should change that and so I made some mockups how can look the installer in the future.

    So let me say something to what I have done. I changed the colors some of you maybe dont like the petrol green of the left side. Thats ok and it isnt the last word, the right green tone would be choosed from the standard wallpaper let me show you a little bit what I mean.

    The color is choosed from the wallpaper, yeah I know its a hard crossover to the wallpaper but I worked on the screenshot and when I doing that not so hard you would see the fonts from the screenshot. But I think that works so that you understand what I mean. For the right side I would stay with a dark grey because that helps for a cleaner look. A clean look was my target. When you take a look of the mockups beside of the screenshots, you will see I removed a lot of icons and some buttons too. On the welcome window for example there was a button “License Translations”. For what purpose? When you click it there would be only showed a list with all available language, the funny thin is when you choose on top your language then changes the license if it available automaticly. So from my opinion the button makes not really sense. On other windows I changed the size of icons make the used icons greater and changed the positions. That also helps that the installer looks cleaner and easier to use.

    So on the end what you think about? Give me feedback!

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    openSUSE woman

    Juli 5th, 2010 von buergermeister

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  • Prepare for Launch

    Juni 28th, 2010 von buergermeister

    You can find all Launch Parties for 11.3 on this page

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  • openSUSE for your ears

    Juni 22nd, 2010 von buergermeister

    As I here mentioned, I wasnt in Berlin on LinuxTag for openSUSE. I was there for RadioTux and we did a lot of interviews. Now are nearly all published only a few from saturday are not. But all interviews with openSUSE people are published and you can find them in the archives of RadioTux.

    There was lot of interviews Alexander Graf about KVM on S390, with AJ and Michl we talk a whole hour about the upcoming openSUSE 11.3, the strategy discussion, the openSUSE Conference and other stuff, then we had a lot of guests nearly all openSUSE Boosters we was interested what they are doing (mixed Henne in german others in english), with Will and Coolo we did a phone interview about Hackweek, with Thomas Schmidt we spoke about Ruby and Rails and the role in openSUSE infrastructure, with Katharina Machalkova we talked about libyui and YaST development (english), with Mike Krüger we spoke about Mono and the Mono IDE MonoDevelop, Vincent Untz had a little help from Stormy Peters and of course we spoke about GNOME (english) the funny thing here Frank Karlitschek from KDE did this interview. And we spoke with Adrian Schröter about openSUSE Buildservices newest version and what the changes are.

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    openSUSE Conference artwork

    Juni 18th, 2010 von buergermeister

    I prepared some banners for the upcoming openSUSE Conference 2010. So now you can show that you will be there or like to attend or that you like the openSUSE Conference or whatever. The banners can be found in the openSUSE-wiki. When you need for your blog or pages a special size you can ask me for that, when I have time I do it. Next step posters…..

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  • LinuxTag 2010 – Review (english)

    Juni 14th, 2010 von buergermeister

    Last week was the 16th edition of LinuxTag, one of the greatest FLOSS events worldwide. I was there but not as part of openSUSE project. There are some events I cant do that because I am part of RadioTux. LinuxTag is such a event and that means a lot of stress for me. My job on RadioTux is Chief of Program, that means I make the schedule for the broadcasting and take care of a trouble-free broadcasting. We had a lot of interviews at LinuxTag round 16 a day and we had two stages too. One of them was in opposite of our booth and the other one was the Open Source Arena which we had daily for a hour.
    I arrived tuesday in Berlin for preparing the booth and the technique for the broadcasting. On the evening I had a little meetup with the Mozilla Corporation. It was interesting was a cool “Biergarten” opposite of “Kanzleramt” and they had saxonian beer there :D But the beer wasnt the only interesting thing, we used the time and made some interviews there with Barbara Hüppe, Axel Hecht and Carsten Book. Mitchell Baker was there too, but she was to tired for giving us an interview, but we hope we get another chance. I talked a little bit with Barbara and Carsten about openSUSE Conference.  On the next day I had a appointment with William Quiviger, he is the right guy for planning that. Michl was there too and so maybe Mozilla visit the openSUSE Conference.
    But that wasnt the only interesting appointment, we had a lot of interesting guests. On wednesday morning Frank Karlitschek and Jos Poortvliet announced the new program of KDE e.V. “Join the Game” at our stage. Next day Stefano Zacchiaroli vistited us and gave us an interview.
    On friday we had openSUSE-Day, in the morning we started with AJ and Michl, about 11.3, openSUSE Conference, strategy and all things that going on in openSUSE project. Then we had a lot of guest all openSUSE boosters, only Will Stephenson, Coolo and Klaas not because they stayed in Nuremberg. But with them we made a phone interview about the HackWeek 5. We had a  interview with bubli about libyui. But not all on this day was openSUSE, we had interviews with Larry Augustin from sugarCRM, Brian King from MozillaDev. Then was there a interview with Stormy and Vuntz about GNOME and a lot of other things.
    On saturday our focus was on ubuntu topics and the highlight of the day was the interview with Mark Shuttleworth. So it was a lot of work to do in the week and its not done yet, because the recordings have to be edited and published. I think I will write a blogpost when all openSUSE interviews are published.

    LinuxTag himself was better as the last years, the atmosphere was it. The social event on Beach at the Box was a great idea and the weather for it was right. The openSUSE booth wasnt great enough. From my side the presentation of openSUSE was one of the best in the hall. The idea to prepare some “workshops” was a good one. I think we have to say thx to Henne for driving that and as Christian Boltz said he ironed personally. He is really like a mother for the openSUSE project :D On saturday I in the morning I had a talk about Open Source Movies, I dont know how it was. Some guys spoke to me after it and said it was great and interesting. I made not a normally talk and prepared a lot of slides only 7 and for this I showed some videos. As I know the talks on saturday morning are not filled up because is to early in the morning :D But is was a full audience. I publish another blogpost about the topic, but it would be a german one, because the talk was in German.
    On the end is was a really great week, I met Prusnak, Miska and many other openSUSE guys again. Next time I see them would be hopefully at FrOSCon, the Boosters plan a Hacksession for connect there, so if you are interested just visit the FrOSCon. Btw. an month later would be FrOSCamp in Zurich, if you are interested to support openSUSE booth or giving workshops or talks so write me a mail. We have to go outside and show the people our project to get them involved! So from this side LinuxTag was a great success. But there enough other possibilitys to show the world our project and community – so make Launch Parties!!!

    there is a german report too

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    Juni 3rd, 2010 von buergermeister

    Für Freunde des Maskottchen von Linux auch Tux genannt, hält Tschibo derzeit etwas bereit. Einen Pinguin-Rollkoffer oder eher Köfferchen, so für die nächste Vortragsreise durchaus geeignet :D Mir ist der Spaß aber einfach mal zu teuer, soll nämlich 39,95 € kosten.

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  • Counter for Facebook

    Juni 2nd, 2010 von buergermeister

    Some time ago I found a release counter for facebook from ubuntu. I marked it on my feedreader and then, I forgot it. Last week I cleaned up my feedreader and so I found it again. The sources for the counter are available in launchpad and so I asked Pavol if he can make it for openSUSE. He made his own solution and so you use a counter on facebook.

    Login to facebook and visitthis url http://apps.facebook.com/opensuse-counter give the application the permission and you have a nice counter on your facebook account.

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  • RadioTux@LinuxTag

    Mai 25th, 2010 von buergermeister

    Only a few days and then LinuxTag in Berlin starts. The openSUSE project will be there and presenting. The Boosters prepared a program with little Hacksessions. Actually I like this idea doing more as an static presentation. The Hacksessions and all talks they openSUSE people have can be found on this wikipage.

    I am going with RadioTux,  like all years. For me LinuxTag begun before months with preparing the interviews we do in our broadcasts on LinuxTag. So for all folks they are interested and cant go to LinuxTag in Berlin its possible to be there, just listen our streams from the fairground. So if you are interested there are some interviews with openSUSE folks and some other interviews in english too.

    Wednesday 9th June

    10.00 – 11.00am CEST: Cornelius Schumacher and Frank Karlitschek “Join the Game” + aKademy 2010, News from KDE e.V. (german)
    11.30 – 12.00am CEST: Jos Poortvliet “Being free…. ” the KDE Community (englisch)
    04.00 – 04.30pm CEST: Jean-Paul Saman – Videolan (english)

    Thursday 10th June

    11.00 – 11.30am CEST: Stefano Zacchiaroli Debian project (english)
    11.30 – 12.00am CEST: Alexander Graf “KVM on S390x”(german)
    04.30 – 05.00pm CEST: Erkan Tekman – Pardus (english)
    05.00 – 05.30pm CEST: Viacheslav Tykhanovskyi – Mojolicious (english)

    Friday, 11th June

    10.00 – 11.00am CEST: Andreas Jäger and Michael Löffler, openSUSE 11.3 and News form the openSUSE Community (german)
    11.00 – 12.00am CEST: The openSUSE Booster, we will have all Boosters they are in Berlin (mixed german and english)
    12.30 – 01.00pm CEST: Thomas Schmidt – Ruby on Rails und die openSUSE Infrastruktur (german)
    01.30 – 02.00pm CEST: Katharina Machalkova – Libyui – Universal User Interface Development Library YaST (english)
    03.00 – 03.30pm CEST: Mike Krüger:Mono und MonoDevelop (german)
    04.00 – 05.00pm CEST: Stormy Peters and Vicent Untz „The Gnome Foundation and the road to Gnome 3.0“ (english)
    05.00 Р05.30pm CEST: Adrian Schr̦ter: openSUSE Buildservice v2.0 (german)

    Saturday, 12th June

    12.00 – 12.30am CEST: Kir Kolyshkin – openVZ (english)
    03.00 – 03.30pm CEST: Mark Shuttleworth – whats new in ubuntu land (english)

    So if you have some questions for the guests, so send them to live@radiotux.de or go to the IRC freenode.net #radiotux. The streams can be found at http://streams.xenim.de/live/ (when we broadcasting)

    This year we have a second stream with talks from the stage of our partners Linuxhotel and Univention, but most of the program is in german. That talks they are in english would be broadcasted in both streams.

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    the counter runs – so prepare for launch

    Mai 15th, 2010 von buergermeister

    Pascal prepared the counter for openSUSE 11.3 thats the sign to prepare for the release of the newest openSUSE. A few weeks ago I wrote a mail to all ambassadors to prepare Launch Parties. Since then the page in the wiki is filling with places.  But there can be more places and more parties!
    Now I prepared the poster template for the Launch Parties so I last release did. This time I made a version with the new artwork for 11.3. The background from jimmac cries after a rocket. That have nothing to do with Fedora 13 “Goddard” :D
    If you need a exemplar for your party just send me the text and size for it. But think on the 5 W. More text havent to be on the poster. If you need other artwork just send me a mail what you need.

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