Branding stupidity

August 11th, 2011 von buergermeister

One of the last talks I attended on Desktop Summit was “Swimming upstream or downstream? Both!”. Announced as speaker was Vincent Untz, but he didnt the talk alone, there was also Allison Randal, Harald Sitter and our own Jaroslav Řezník.In this talk came up the problem with the branding.

I should start with an quote: “Freiheit ist immer die Freiheit der Andersdenkenden”. Translated it says “Freedom is always the freedom of dissenters” or better Freedom is always and exclusively freedom for the one who thinks differently. This quote is from Rosa Luxemburg a socialist politician from the begin of the 20th century. On the end it means, that you can have your freedom so long that you can accept that other people have an other opinion and give also the freedom to them. So let us talk a little bit about it what it means.
All this started with an blogpost from Aaron Seigo about Building brand together. There was also offered help to doing that. So where is the problem then? So let me show a little bit how the help looks like.

That are the Striped wallpaper done by Ivan Cukic, they was mentioned in the talk as example but it wasnt looked in all sides of that topic. So let me explain a little bit more on that. It was mentioned that they can do the wallpaper in the color of the distribution., fine. There the problem begins. So look how many distributions use blue as main color? So would you see which distribution it is when the logo is removed, in the case of debian, arch or fedora one? So when the colors are interchangable then its very clear that the color dont make it typical, its the pattern. Btw. KDE dont like dark colors so another limit, and they need some light differences in the wallpaper otherwise, the AIR theme dont looks so good (it becomes Win95 grey). So not every color is chooseable.
There is no problem for distributions like Kubuntu or Pardus who provide only the KDE desktop environment that they use the upstream wallpaper or such a striped wallpaper in the color of there distribution. There are more problems on distributions who give the user the possibility to choose the environment they want.
The experience with the desktop of a “normal” user dosnt begin with the desktop himself, it begins with the bootsplash. So what pattern should be used then, the KDE one or that of GNOME? In the case of openSUSE it begins earlier the backgrounds are used in YaST installer.
Anaconda does that not, so no problem for Fedora there. But it should become clear a distribution should look well designed from the begin of installation, over the booting process and finally on the desktop.

As I did the in the talk mentioned “positive example” I was totally captured between limits and sitting between the chairs. First of all green as color for a distribution sucks or better use it for the distribution wallpaper sucks. It looks totally different on every monitor. Move away from this color is extrem hard, there is a party who think the design for openSUSE has to be green because it was always green. What isnt true, there was some versions with blue and some with photo backgrounds. That party doesnt even think about to use the green as a accent. First limitation.
Second limitation, I mentioned KDE needs a lighter color with differences in the lights that the AIR theme looks good. First I came up with a green tone like teal or pine green. To dark for KDE, but they didnt come up with a better solution until short before christmas or the Release Candidates. The solution for them was celadon an light green, they even let Coolo change the codename for the release to using it. It was not the problem using it, but noone of them considered how it would look compared to the color for GNOME.
On GNOME side there was only a limitation called Sonar theme. Jimmac did it once and it looks good and the people love it. There are crazy dudes on ubuntu who make it available for there distribution. The problem with Sonar is, it uses a dark olive green what is additional blended with black. It looks not so good on every green. Two opportunities, first remove Sonar and risk a flame war with the openSUSE is green lovers, second one choose a neutral color who looks Sonar good on and which looks also fine with the KDE color.
I thaught second solution would be the best and choosed a dark grey for the GNOME environment. Vincent Untz spoke with me, that he dont think that GNOME can be represented from the grey I choosed. After a short discussion why I like to use it, the GNOME team had understanding for the choice I made.

So whats the point of all this? Retrospective on the quote I mentioned on the begin, it means if you claim all freedom for yourself you deny it same time to others. There are so many limits of technical nature, ressources and others that one desktop environment cant have all freedom it maybe want. It’s more that one environment can have so much freedom as it is possible if it grant the other ones the same.
The solution is definitly not that KDE designers do the artwork for KDE in Fedora. They would do artwork what gives KDE all freedom but would not think what Fedora, GNOME, XFCE, LXDE and all the others need.
Means to provide an KDE look&feel in a distribution really using a pattern provided from them or means it more to come up with a design what respects the design of KDE?

In the first case the claim for an KDE branded desktop in distributions is so senseless like the claim that all linux distributions should be called gnu/linux! In the second case some people should definitly think about, that a distribution is more then the desktop environment and that they are not the only desktop.

So hopefully some people start to think about that what others need instead of claiming only what they need for themself. Retrospective looked on Aaron Seigos article “Building brand together”, together is not offer something without talking to the other side what they need ;) Using upstream artwork on a multi-desktop distribution will never work! What can work is design artwork what gives the look&feel what KDE like to have but only it needs not more ressources.

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World domination II

August 10th, 2011 von buergermeister

I dont know, but this mockup for the new website of the GNOME Foundation reminds me on Fedora. More about it

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World domination

August 8th, 2011 von buergermeister

KDE dominates the Desktop Summit, they even convinced the design shop opposite the venue to decorate with an big K. :D

I would say thats definitly Kabel font

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  • are they to cute ???

    Juli 15th, 2011 von buergermeister

    There goes something on, there are wishes to illustrate the processes for the different ways to contribute to Fedora better or should I say how to join the teams. There was some discussions about it on FUDCon in Panama. After that Tatica came to me and asked if I can draw some cute characters for that. So I begun to work and now the most of the work is done. Now the EMEA ambassadors asked in their last meeting, to bringing that forward. Now after some recognized my characters, there came up some voices if I would be the right thing to use such “kids” for doing that.

    So I may introduce some (not all are done yet) of the characters and asking you for your opinion on that topic. So is that ok, with you or should we go more for “adult” characters? So tell us your opinion!

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    How do a license plate with Inkscape

    Juli 4th, 2011 von buergermeister

    The font you need for doing the license plates can be found here.

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  • openSUSE der Schein eines Projektes

    April 6th, 2011 von buergermeister

    Die neuerliche Entscheidung über die Nummerierung der Release von openSUSE zeigt es wieder sehr deutlich, openSUSE ist kein wirklich offenes Projekt. Entscheidungen, werden all zu oft in diktatorischer Weise getroffen. Wenn man sich den entsprechenden Thread auf der Project Mailingliste zu diesem Thema anschaut, waren nicht wenige erstaunt das man das jetzt ändern müsse. Genauso sieht jetzt am Ende auch, das Ergebnis des durchgeführten Poll aus, nicht wenige sind der Meinung man müsse hier nicht unbedingt Fedora mit nur vollen Werten oder Ubuntu mit Jahreszahlen nachäffen.
    Wenn man sich den entsprechenden Thread (oder die) auf der Mailingliste anschaut, so war das Poll voreilig veröffentlicht worden ohne wirklich alle geäußerten Möglichkeiten zu bedenken und so darf es auch nicht verwundern, dass im Anschluss dann noch eine Änderung durchgeführt wurde, die Releasenummer Null wird es in Zukunft nicht mehr geben. Ein Vorschlag eines einzelnen, über den dann auch nicht mehr abgestimmt wurde. Naja, wir streichen openSUSE scheindemokratisch an! Und die Community wartet auf die Diskussion um die Codenamen (warum will man auch funktionierendes ändern, anstatt unfunktionelles?), naja wahrscheinlich vergeblich, wie auf die “Strategie”.

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    Chemnitzer Linux-Tage 2011

    März 22nd, 2011 von buergermeister

    Last weekend, there was a event called Chemnitzer Linux-Tage, it’s a little “family” meeting. Together with Jan Krings, Marcel Richter, Michal Hrusecky and Klaas Freitag I took my part of the event. Alexander Graf was also there with a talk and Kai-Uwe Behrmann presented Oyranos there. Sascha Saigkill Manns showed not up, so the openSUSE medical presentation flopped. It was planned to show openSUSE medical together with Oyranos, because doctors need for medical pictures exact colors, thats an use case.

    Klaas had on saturday a talk about his project Kraft, a suite for smaller companies, he was in the business track of the Linux Live foundation and his talk was really overfilled. Alexander Graf had on sunday a talk “AHCI and KVM – how to do storage access right”. Michal had on sunday an workshop about the openSUSE Buildservice. I had also on sunday a workshop about Inkscape and in the morning I did a talk about openSUSE 11.4
    For all of us the event started on friday with the arrival and the preparing of the booth. But we had also a little surprise (or not really I saw that coming) Jörg Luther the chief editor of the magazin LinuxUser asked us, who would represent openSUSE in the Distribution Battle. We decided that really in the last moment and Klaas and me took that part, was easier as we thaught. We “fought” against Debian, Fedora, Mandriva, Pardus and Ubuntu and the first task was installing flash and the second question for us was AppAmor comparing to RedHat’s SELinux.
    Over the whole weekend we got a lot of feedback, actually in my talk was 90% openSUSE users and the talk was in the beginners forum. Interesting that machine cloning and infini band drivers are interesting for them :D I load up my slides yesterday, they can be found here. Like always, I do my slides with SVG and JavaScript so they can used in a browser, if you download them you can change them. The license is Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 and I have to say thanks to the oxygen-project here, because I used some icons from them in my slides.
    Nearly everything what Klaas brought us from Nuremberg we gave out, so we distributed 300 DVD and I know there was 5 direct installations in the Praxis Dr.Tux. Some had the chance to get an openSUSE beer, really the last ones. On the end we can say, we had a lot of fun this weekend.

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    Running for Board

    Januar 4th, 2011 von buergermeister

    Some time ago I got nominated for the election of the openSUSE Board and a few days later I got the message from the election committee. Since then I had some time to think about it and today is the last day for make a decision to run.
    I also watched who step forward and made my decision depending who candidates. Would there be from my point of view enough candidates who contributed enough in a good way and constant. There are some but not enough, and some cant get elected, when the other person is elected. So I have to step forward and candidate.

    I don’t write how long I use Linux or openSUSE or such stuff. I write better for what I stand. More democracy, make it easier to contribute, give honor to them they deserve it. I already have to say to that points something, but that we do better in the IRC session, what should be made. You can already ask me here to, the comments are open.  And btw. I am not a bad cop or  I play a role. I am what I am, direct and honest

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  • Countdown runs

    Dezember 31st, 2010 von buergermeister

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  • openSUSE 11.4 – Color trouble

    Dezember 21st, 2010 von buergermeister

    If you have the last Milestone of openSUSE, thats already number 5,  installed then you can take a look into the history. You would see a dark splash as I planned them long time ago. You also see the KDM in the color I planned in August.

    2 weeks ago Coolo asked for some artwork for integrate it into the next Milestone, a weekend with lot of work, for Javier and me. After that some people woke up. First the KDE team wanted the color changed to celadon, whats also is the codename for 11.4. Thats ok for me, its there choice and it would be work with the grey what I planned for the GNOME side.

    But now the GNOME team also want it changed. And that becomes now harder to do. There are some possibilities and also some borders for the work. Right now there is a little discussion on the mailinglist. But the default background of GNOME would be definitly not happen, he is nice but the blue works not with the celadon green tone. Also change that background to celadon green, wouldnt work because I have to choose one of the backgrounds for the bootsplash. Hope they find a solution I can work with. I would prefer a grey one, with a celadon geeko on it and change the green tone in sonar to celadon green also.

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    Don’t forget the vote – click me!

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    Event review 2010

    Dezember 14th, 2010 von buergermeister

    2010 is nearly over now, time to look backwards what I did this year.The year begun for me with one of the greatest events arround IT the Cebit. I wasnt the whole week in Hanover, I missed the first day because I had an appointment on this day. The next day, I missed my train then but I arrived right at the point. I had a invitation to a press conference so had only enough time for changing the shirt. Btw there was deliciuos apples served at the conference ;) The rest of the week we had a lot of interviews and press conferences, most of them not so interesting for the people. But with the openPandora project our stage was really filled up.

    Only a week after that there was the next event, the second greatest Linux event in Germany. This time, no train to miss can that way make by foot. Yeah its in my hometown. I felt not so well there, was part of the organization once and you know like it is. But many friends said always, meet you there so I had to come on the end. And I met many old friends and mad new one, Petr you can remember the Ouzo :D

    At this time I worked a lot on FLISOL. Some of you maybe remember the comics [1],[2] from that time, that I did. I did the proxy job for AJ, I got all requests for material. Most we tried to set up a local distribution system and we had really efforts in Nicuragua or Venezuela. Maybe you remember the Navidad story. But I also did the april broadcast from RadioTux this time, and of course the topic was FLISOL. So I made some phone interviews. With Julio Vannini in Nicuragua, with Jose Oramas from Ecuador, with the famous Maria Leandro aka tatica. Think it was a nice broadcast. But wasnt enough for me so I tried to make a video connection between FLISOL in Latin America and Graz in Austria where at the same day Grazer Linux-Tage was.

    After that I spent a week in Vienna for the LinuxWochen, its a really small event. The folks it so easy, its really hard for them to find always a place for the event. This year it was in the old city hall and we made a booth there but had also talks about the main features of the upcoming 11.3, Gamestore there and did also 3 workshops, one about using OBS it was nice because fedora (greetings to Fabian from Swiss and Zoltan from Hungary) made a RPM packaging workshop there. Of course I did workshops for using Inkscape and Gimp there too. Between the days I had a conversation with Daniel jahre and he said to me that the LinuxWochen team from Vienna would like to host a Launch Party again, and it happend so thanks to Michl and Gerald Pfeifer for helping me with this and make it happen.

    Then the biggest event of the year arrived, LinuxTag in Berlin. For me that means in the months before a lot of work because the live streams for RadioTux have to be planned. Means really a lot of work and this time even more work, because we had our studio and a stage and every day a slot in the Open Source Arena to fill with content. We had really a lot of guests some are well known like Stormy Peters, Larry Augustin, Stefano Zaccharoli the debian project leader or Mark Shuttleworth. But we had also a lot of interviews with openSUSE/SUSE folks. For me it begins always a day before with preparing the booth, but this year I had also an appointment with Mitchell Baker and a lot of other Mozilla folks on the evening before LinuxTag started. I wish often at this event I can fork me, but I cant. Of course had a talk (german) there also.

    After LinuxTag is normally always a summer break, for doing events but this year openSUSE 11.3 arrived and so there was a Launch Party to make. Also we did one again, we had a nice little barbecue and of course some talks about openSUSE and this time of KDE because we combined it as KDE & openSUSE. So we had Tobias König aka tokoe as guest and he did a nice review&preview talk for KDE. But we had of course more guests there. The whole KDE gang from Dresden showed up. I didnt shoot a lot of photos, because had coffee to cook, talk to give or prepare the brabecue.

    End of august then the next larger event was, this year the 5th edition of it the FrOSCon. We had not so lot of talks this time there, only Jan Weber had one about OBS on sunday. I missed my chance for the kids program, should remember that for next year and Thomas talks was rejected. But FrOSCon gives also away rooms for projects to make there own program or hackfests. And so I stepped to the Boosters and made an proposal for using that offer. They decided to use it for HackMeck and working on openSUSE Connect. Not exactly what I had in mind, I thaught more on workshops using OBS and Studio, but was also a nice idea to showing people we are not an company driven thing we are an open project. So on the end, there was a lot of openSUSE folks at FrOSCon, nearly the whole Boosters team was there. And of course at social event we had some Koelsch together.

    After that I did a long journey to Switzerland for an event who weares a name that sound like the event before – FrOSCamp. It was the first event there and the organizers made some experiments there. The event had only progress because they get the FUDCon for the EMEA region there otherwise not a lot of people hadnt showed up there. But we was there, we was together with Bruno Friedman (that was nice because he is french speaking), Alexander Naumov, Pavol Rusnak and Michal HruÅ¡ecký (wow I did 4 events together with them this year). One of the things they happend there was, we had a lot of conversations with folks from the Fedora project and I was a spy in the Fedora Design Team meeting.

    Then the main event for openSUSE self take his place the openSUSE Conference in Nuremberg. I think most of us can remember that week. We had a lot of fun the whole week, I helped to organize the Conference and made the movie evening at the venue (slides and the films I showed there). Hope all had fun there too. I also did there some interviews, I cutted them but my “co-moderator”  has since them no time to produce it to an end. But it would be to hear once I promise ;)

    Next event is since the last 6 years always a dayride for me. In the morning I drive ther (last 3 years with train) and in the evening back, mostly arrive next morning then – the Brandenburger Linux-Infotag. This year also in the morning to the event and evening back. This year also Thomas was with me, he had an talk there. I had an talk and an workshop (I published the content of it as 2 parted screencast after it, but is german) like all the years before also. So not much time to spend on other booths or listening to other talks.

    Wow, the year last event arrives Open Rhein Ruhr, a pott full free software. It was the second edition of this event and I have to say to change the event place from Bottrop city hall to Oberhausen industry museum was definitly the best thing to do. There was a lot of space for the booths, and of course the exhibition grown up since last year. There is also space for more booths for next year. Marcel Richter and Jan Krings did the event mostly with me, Sebastian Siebert also showed up for some hours, on the first day it was his birthday. We had a last conversations with people there, I think  you can read it directly in Jans blog that  it doesnt matter that you speaking about an openSUSE topic. Every topic brings guests to the booth and humans are herd beings, so if there others they go there too ;) But we had a nice social event also with pizza and mate, no not beer had to drive :D

    So, my little event review for the whole year is done, the counter shows 11 events. Will see what happend next year, the first invites are there and I plan for some events right now. :D

    P.S. I was also on Latinoware or better a shirt design from me was it. ;)

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    Let us bring home the Award

    Dezember 9th, 2010 von buergermeister

    Yearly the LinuxNewMedia give away an Award for some Free and Open software projects. A jury give away some prizes for  organizations, companies, and individuals who performed exceptional feats in the Linux and open source scene in the past year. That prizes are given from a jury with well know people from the FLOSS world. Normally there is no choice for the readers, but this year is different. The best Linux distribution can be choosen from the people.

    Its definitly so that openSUSE made in the last year big steps forward not only the distribution himself even the tools that come from the project, like the Buildservice or such tools like SUSE Studio makes the distribution of one of them the move the Open Source world forward. So when you think also, then get out and vote. to the vote

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    openSUSE pic paste

    Dezember 4th, 2010 von buergermeister

    As some of you know, we have our own paste service – susepaste.org. Miska is responsible for that service and some time ago we had a little conversation, that for me and the other artists is more useful to pasting pictures. But not only for us, some times is a screenshot helpful for others too. So Miska take care of my feature wish and implemented pasting of pictures. He wrote already a blogpost for it. You can use the picture pasting if you select “Image File” at susepast or go directly to http://img.susepaste.org. So nothing new until yet, why then a blogpost again. Its simple today, I tried to use the service and failed. I simple did a screenshot and tried to paste it, and the service told me, its only allowed to past images not bigger then 300k. A simple screenshot, depending from the resolution is bigger as that. So I spoke with Miska again, the problem for the file size is that he have not so lot of space for the service. But he had immediatly a great solution for this and implemented it. You can paste greater pictures now, it depends from the time, the pic should be kept. So for me that works excellent, because mostly I need it for seconds or better until the opposite told me thats what I want or something like that. So now it works really fine for me, thx to Miska.

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  • Give openSUSE & projects a face

    Dezember 4th, 2010 von buergermeister

    I working since a few weeks on a series, that can represent openSUSE and they other software from us in the future. They are still not all ready yet only what I have in mind, nearly all need some improvements. So what yout think, I am on the right way with this?
    Dont look at the text on them, thats then really up to the marketing guys.
    What I want to show is, that openSUSE is more as a distribution we have cool tools for creating software and some cool derivates too. I try to show some of cool feature that openSUSE have. So what u think?

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    OpenRheinRuhr 2010

    November 15th, 2010 von buergermeister

    Time to write a small report about the last weekend, another event happend there. I was at OpenRheinRuhr in Oberhausen. It was the second edition of this event. Last year it was in Bottrop, some maybe remember the sexy openSUSE booth girls ;) So this year the organizers changed the location and it was deifinitly a good decision, there was definitly more visitors because of that. The location was a museum for the industry there once was, so the social event had a really geeky style between really big gearwheels and such stuff. The hall was this year really big and a lot of place for the projects.
    For the booth I had one of the big HP touchscreens, they are always good for events. People like to play “Numpty Physics” and when there stay some people others become curious and stop at the booth. But we played not only on the booth, thanks Jan we showed WebYasT on his machine at home, of course we had some conversations about and showings of SUSE Studio. Not many people asked for the openSUSE Buildservice, but thats ok there, it was an more user oriented event. For me I made an test there, we had some days ago a little discussion on the marketing mailinglist to market more such things like OBS and I began to make a new poster serie for that, so I tested with an beamer some of the new posters on a side wall. I think I prepare an slideshow with the motifes, when I have all posters have done, so that all ambassadors can do the same. Its an action thing and that does always make people curious.
    On saturday I had an spontaneously talk about openSUSE (they rejected my proposals with this topics), one of the organizers came to the booths and asked me if I can make on the quick an talk. So I used my slides for the openSUSE A-Z Guide talk. Thats a thing all of us can do, I load them to my space and you need only a browser and a little bit knowledge about the points on it. Even you dont know for everything on it some things, that doesnt matter. For me I had on impulse no idea what I can say to “User Experience” so I asked simple the audience. So whenever you have the chance to make spontaneously an talk, remember this slides and use them. On sunday morning I had my demonstration for Inkscape and so on this day we had a lot of visitors with questions for making graphics and such stuff. So but now enough talking, I show better some pictures.

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    openSUSE A-Z Guide at BLIT 2010

    November 7th, 2010 von buergermeister

    Yesterday I was in Potsdam at Brandenburger Linux-Infotag, it was my 7th visit at this event. Its one of the smaller events in Germany. They started with the event in the city Brandenburg and moved 3 years ago to Potsdam at the university there, since then the event grows up a little bit.
    This year they had a bigger program with workshops, 3 tracks and 3 tracks with talks.
    For me it was as I said my 7th visit and I had every year a talk or/and a workshop there. This year I had a talk “The openSUSE A-Z guide” there and of course an workshop about Inkscape. For my talk the worst case scenario did happen. I prepared my talk and put him on an usb stick, the stick crashed. I can be lucky that Pavol load up a older version of them to prezi, so I had some slides to show.

    The questions I got after the talk was very heavy, they liked to know about our strategy and what happend when Novell would be saled. Another question was about about our education spin, L-i-f-e and how often its used in Germany. So the first question earned the give away really, I gave him a openSUSE beer.
    I wasnt the only openSUSE presenter Ralf Danner from Novell had an talk about SUSE Studio and the openSUSE buildservice, hop his talk was also good filled with listeners then mine. Look to that talk I hadnt time because my workshop started at the same time.

    The A-Z Guide is a great thing for giving a nice overview about our project. It can be easy reused from all our Ambassadors, because the points have to filled with life from them self, because of that its multilingual. I load up the sources on my space, so it can be reused. I linked it also on the presentation page in the wiki (I cant upload it there because the wiki dont accept the source with the javascript in the SVG). Its done with JessyInk so the SVG is the presentation, it can be showed simple in the browser. You can show it directly from the server when you use this link.
    If you like to change some points, I used as font Dman Noisy Kids from Blambot.com but dont forget to make a path from the font ;)

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    Slides & Links from the MovieNight at openSUSE Conference

    Oktober 28th, 2010 von buergermeister

    As I promised in my blogposts about openSUSE Conference before, I publish my slides from the first evening with the movies and of course I give the URLs to the movies. First the slides its svg and so you can use your browser to see them.

    In the first round I showed some movies as example that movies can be done on a collaborative way, and that normal personal computers can be used for the production of high quality movies.

    Filmtrip was a experiment from students of the Fachhochschule Mittweida about the web2.0 or better what is called “user generated content”. The user had the chance to vote for all parts of the movie, story, actors, music everything. But he isnt free :( But an example that movies can also be done in a collaborative way.

    OpenMuffin is also such an project for an movie created in a collaborative way but isnt done yet so you can participate on it if you want.

    The Morevna Project tries also to do an movie in a collaborative way, the keep all sources in a SVN repository and you can also participate in the production. The movie is an anime movie and is done with SynfigStudio and some Blender scenes.

    Connected is a short funny movie and also done in a collaborative way and you can find the results on the webpage also the sources for the figures. But it is done with maya :(

    Star Wars Revelation is a movie from the genre what is call Fan Fiction, its not free becaus George Lucas owns the rights on the stories and figurs and that stuff what is called “Star Wars universum”. Buts an great example what can be done with home computers.

    In the next round I showed some movies they are longer, so I cutted out some scenes.

    I showed the scene from New York from “Route 66 – an bad american dream” This film was one of the first open movies, its a kind of documentary what 3 guys from Saxony and there experiences on a trip along the Route 66. The movie is available in german and english. The VEB Film has some other movies on her webpages.

    From Valkaama I showed the scene at the train station with the maker of the movie himself. Tim Baumann did that movie for his examina, you can also find the papers for this on the pages. The movie is complete in english

    CH7 was really one of the first Creative Commons licensed program filling movies. It tells a story about the situation with the private TV stations and there program. The movie is available in swiss german but there exists subtitles ;)

    One of the famost movies in that sector is Star Wreck in the Pirkening” Its an Star Trek parodie from Finland, so its in suomi but there exists subtitles.

    Sita sings the Blues von Nina Paley is one of the famost movies in the open movie sector, a lot of people know that movie. Nina had some troubles with give it for free away because the music was on the end not Public Domain, but the fans helped her to collect the money to give it free.

    But I showed also some other short movie as examples:

    The Way of the Mantis” a really nice short movie about an chinese monk learning from a mantis.
    Gone With the Spurt a very short animation movie what happend when you forget to get out with your dog.
    From Mirko Horstmann I showed one of his really cool short animation films “Remake”.


    The next video was only a studie for a story but I think there are cool pictures in Materia
    One of my favorites is Brother Can You Spare a Job von Tom Neely the story is simple what happend in America under George W. Bush and how it can be changed ;)

    There exists round 5.000 copies on youtube from Alan Beckers Animator vs. Animation. On his page you can find more from them.

    I also showed “Doljer” a short story from a bear alone in the wood, the movie is from Adam Procter and you can find it in his vimeo profile.

    Raffaella Traniello is normally a school teacher and she use free software for doing lessons in her classes about animation art. This year at FrOSCon she had a little workshop for kids how to make animations with free software. I showed one of the results called “Freedom” and “Pesci” more movies from her you can find on her vimeo profile.

    Must I really say something to Sintel? I showed the trailer, the full version was then showed in KommKino 2 days later, so it was thaught as an appetizer. The KommKino showed then other movies on her MovieNight

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  • openSUSE Conference 2010

    Oktober 24th, 2010 von buergermeister

    I am finally home from openSUSE Conference v2.0 and now I have time to write an article about it. Conference started for me on tuesday with my arrival. I have only 240km ride to Nuremberg but with train you need nearly 4 hours. For the first evening I joined one of the planned social dinners. So I went with some others to a chinese restaurant nearby.
    I was not really happy about the situation to have two of them but Will saw not my announcement on the project mailinglist and planned a second one. But some of the KDE people from the other dinner joined us later. Personnally I like such things so I think we should plan such a thing next conference from the beginning on.
    Next day the conference started with Hennes kicking ass keynote and ended with my talk about free and open movies and of course I showed some of them. I write an second article about that and of course I load up my slides and give the URLs to the movies I showed there. Between that I attend only a few talks and sessions, one of them was the session about the foundation.
    Second day I had also not a lot of time to attend sessions, but that means not I did nothing, I had a lot of conversations with people I do work and thats more important for me. I load up some photos and did some tweets and thats what I tried to do, give the part of our community the not can attend the conference a view whats going on there. The day ended with the Lizard Lounge the social event of the openSUSE Conference.

    We got “Drunken Lizards” and “Bleeding Edge” and a special beer “Old Toad” labeled with an Geeko, food and drinks was served from the openSUSE Boosters Team, they looked nice in ther aprons. The conversation I remember the most on that day was one with Christoph Wickert, he was ther for a talk about Kolab but he is also one of Fedoras Ambassadors and works on LXDE in Fedora. He said to me he is really impressed that openSUSE is really a “project” who works the community on and not only Novell. Thats really true especially here in Germany whenever I go to an event people think that, so we have definitly work on changing that.
    So openSUSE Ambassadors dont think you can do your job from your chair go out, go to events and show we are an community driven project!
    But Christoph was also happy to meet Andrea the LXDE in openSUSE fighter, so they had some time to work on some things for LXDE and talk to each other.
    On friday then was the second movie night and with all I spoke about it they are really had fun there. We had a little quiz there about how to earn money with free movies, and the answers was given on tuesday in my talk. Actually I think about to add the showed movies to my article about my talk. But before we went there I had a session about artwork. We have a big problem with that, right now we use 3 different color palettes and often is marketing stuff from Novell reused and things like that. We have definitly after the strategy is made to develop an “cooperate identity” that not an so easy task, the marketing and the art team has to work on that. Nuno and me tried to explain there what for us a guideline is, thats really a hard thing to do. I hope we made some things to the marketing team clear and thats really important to begin with the development, maybe paralell to the strategy discussion! The ambassadors needs really material like banners, flyers and such stuff!!! I also had an nice conversation with Sebas that day and he showed me what happend when I style an wallpaper in the wrong way. The air theme looks in an “Windows 95″ grey style and that really sucks. So I have to rethink a little bit what I plan for 11.4
    Saturday was the last day on openSUSE Conference and I attend more talks, so it was quieter on the openSUSE twitter account, sorry for that. I heard Nelsons talk about marketing and I attend Hennes session about the sucking information situation. We have to many of that lizards, planet, spotlight, own and so on. But we dont really use them, some have an lizard blog since years I didnt do one post in them! So we have definitly to rethink our communication system!
    The last day ended with an really cool wipeout session – Wine is (not) only an emulator. Marcus Meissner and Christian Boltz did that. So we had information about the emulator there and had some information about the wine for drinking is made and Christian served some wines from his wineyard.
    I also got an nice gift from Nelson, he brought me an nice wine. I think I bring the bottle with me to the Desktop Summit next year and share it with some friends.
    As one of the organizers of the openSUSE Conference I think it was a great event for all of us. But I have also to say we did some failures and we have to correct them for the next conference. But we do that, discussion started directly on openSUSE Conference and I have some mails in my account from the cfp-team. So hope and think see most of you again next year at openSUSE Conference or hopefully on an other event before.

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    May I introduce you …..

    Oktober 17th, 2010 von buergermeister

    Marya Morevna, she is one of the attendees of openSUSE Conference. She helps me with my presentation on wednesday evening. She comes from Russia, she likes free software because she earned her live from a tool which is free software – SynfigStudio.

    She have a boyfriend Ivan Tsarevich and together with him she plays a role in a movie. That movie is done with a lot or only with free software like SynfigStudio, a little bit Blender, Gimp and Cinepaint and the best is, it would be a free movie. So you can download not only the movie himself even the sources and can change it and make your own movie from it. But the movie isnt published yet. They work hard on it since more then 2 years but they have done a lot.
    So when you attend the openSUSE Conference and interested in whats going on with free/open movies or like to know what exactly what an “open movie” is you can attend my “presetnation” on wednesday evening. I try there to clarify what such a movie is, and whats going on with open/free movies and of course show some of them.
    For all they cant bee there, I load up after that my slides and of course I give you the links to the movies I showed. So see you at “Movie Night” on wednesday at openSUSE Conference and btw. there is an second edition on KommKino on friday, they show e.g Sintel on a big screen, its open no entry fee.

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